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Do You Have the Right Stuff to be an Entrepreneur?

  • What does it take to be successful when starting a business? While there's no such thing as the perfect entrepreneur -- even Bill Gates has made mistakes -- a number of personal qualities can help you to build a successful business. If you qualify on most of these traits, you're off and running.

  • You can delegate. No matter how smart and energetic you are, it's a mistake to try to attend to every detail yourself. Unless you're a solo act, you're going to have to trust employees to do their jobs so that you can run the business.

  • You are a teacher. In order to delegate successfully, you will need people with appropriate skills -- and they may have to learn some of those skills from you.
    You are self-motivated. As a small business owner, you won't have a boss to tell you when to get to work. If that's a problem, keep your day job.

  • You can work with numbers. You will spend a fair amount of time keeping track of money -- expenses, revenues, taxes and the like. Math phobia won't help.

  • You don't mind making mistakes. You will make them; the trick is to learn from them and move on. Not everyone finds that easy to do.

  • You like to work. Contrary to myth, you don't need to be a workaholic to start a successful business. Many entrepreneurs find that it makes more sense to establish a reasonable working pace -- one that lets them strike a balance between work and their personal lives. That said; don't start a business unless you enjoy work. There's going to be plenty of it.

  • You don't mind selling. You'll have to sell products and services to customers, of course. You may also need to sell lenders or other financial backers on the prospects of your company. And you'll need to convince potential employees to accept jobs with your firm rather than go to work for the competition.

  • You don't quit easily. You'll encounter obstacles that might stymie some individuals. You'll have more success if you are the type of person who relishes such challenges. A dash of optimism helps; it will help you handle the uncertainty that is part of every venture.

  • Decision Making, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Personal Growth - The Delamere Group are promoting this facility where our primary objective is to provide you with tools and techniques to optimally Think-out-of-the-Box. Thinking-out-of-the-Box can be used to ensure optimal effectiveness in Decision Making, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Personal Growth, New Product Development, Conflict Resolution to Artistic Inspiration to name but a few. In effect, it can be used for every conceivable (and inconceivable) situation. The reality is that everybody can cultivate and improve their skills.

  • The Entrepreneur's Success Kit - This downloadable e-book is written for new and existing business owners. This e-book identifies 10 of the most common problems businesses encounter and suggests how to avoid them. Each chapter comes with many critical questions that you must constantly ask yourself and reflect on those aspects of your business to help you keep focused on your business. This is a must read book specially written by a business owner for business owners. Check The Entrepreneur's Success Kit

  • The Great British Entrepreneur's Handbook 2018 - With wit and wisdom, the personalities behind some of the leading firms and bestselling business books of today guide budding entrepreneurs through all the highs and lows of what it takes to be a business success. The e-book copy of this inspiring publication is free to our readers. Read more.


  • Starting a New Business (Online Course) - Would you like some expert help, direction and guidance for your new business? Do you have a great business idea but need help and support turning it into a money-making real business? Would you like to be guided every step of the way without complicated jargon or business systems that only rocket scientists will understand?  Wee now offer this great online course, which includes the following: You'll learn how to Plan, Start and Grow your new business. You'll get expert training from someone who's actually 'been there and done it'. We'll show you how to see whether your idea really stacks up before you 'throw' lots of money at it. You'll discover how to start a business that you're passionate about and how to develop your startup ideas into financially viable businesses. You'll learn how to set up a sustainable business (i.e. one that will last long-term). You'll gain unique insights, which will show you how you can develop the success-driven mindset, attitudes and beliefs of world class entrepreneurs. You'll be given access to easy-to-implement tools and techniques. You'll learn how to avoid dozens of startup traps and pitfalls that typically put thousands of startups out of business. You'll learn critical insights and essential business principles that you can use in absolutely any type of business. New Business Essentials for Startups and Entrepreneurs

  • Free Course on Market Research - You have a great product or service, but who are your customers and how can you reach them? This course will give you an overview of how to identify your customer and how to market to them. To read more, click here.

    • Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing – Our goal is to minimize the potential hurdles for aspiring affiliates, enabling them to start seeing success from their affiliate businesses sooner. We do this by providing straightforward, step-by-step training, and tools to simplify the technical demands of building an affiliate business. Together these minimize the barriers to entry, and put a profitable affiliate business within reach of anyone, regardless of skill or experience. Our guide offers written and video lessons, tools, tips and support allowing complete beginners to build up a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch. This way you can promote other people's products and make money for yourself. We show you how! Click here!

    • Startup Guide to Starting a Business in the USA - How to easily create a US Company from the comfort of your home, be it the USA or elsewhere and avoiding expensive legal fees. The course contains 37 lectures with videos, instructions, quizzes and checklists to help you navigate through the process of setting up your US company, avoiding common pitfalls inexperienced entrepreneurs usually fall into. You will also find templates for all the necessary legal documents, which you can freely download and use right away. If you don't live in the USA, we will teach you how to set up your own US company without ever having to travel to the US, these tips are in a special set of lectures we have prepared for foreign entrepreneurs. Startup Guide to Starting a Business in the USA

    • Understanding Differences Between Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights - Take the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) free self-paced training course to learn the differences between patents, trademarks and copyrights. This free course also includes the process for filing a patent or trademark and registering for a copyright. Click here.

    • Going for Growth: How to Grow Your Business Without Outgrowing the Home - (New book release in the Delamere International Bookshop). You've joined record numbers of people in starting a business and now you're looking to grow. But you don't want the kind of growth that comes with borrowing money, employing people, or moving to pricey offices. This book has been written for you. It looks at how to grow the business without (metaphorically speaking) outgrowing the home. It offers five ways to increase sales and profit, without overly increasing overhead and cost. The pages are filled with stories of businesses growing in this modern way, and a map to follow their lead. Going for Growth: How to Grow Your Business Without Outgrowing the Home

    • Finance for Startups – This program is an easy-to-follow tutorial on finance for entrepreneurs. The course is taught by a financial expert who has spent over 20 years in investment management and investment banking in Silicon Valley and NYC. Students will learn how to build a customized financial model with metrics, as well as an investor presentation. The format features a downloadable financial model, video instruction, and printouts. The course is interactive as it meets on the third Monday of each month for Office Hours, and all email correspondence is completed within 12 hours. Lean Finance for Startups

    • Become a Global Entrepreneur - Innovative entrepreneurship tips, tricks and more. This is the entrepreneur's guide for you. In this course we will cover everything from the history of Entrepreneurship, who they are, what they do, where they come from, to the benefits and advantages of being an Entrepreneur. We will also cover how to get financing, how to start up your business, and, in a bonus lecture, some tips, tricks and ideas that will help you. Become a global Entrepreneur

    • Goal Setting - GoalEnforcer is a visual goal setting software that can help you plan, get focused and accomplish goals much faster than any other method. Its innovative interface lets you unleash the power of recursive visual thinking and increase your productivity. Use it to set and manage your personal goals, business goals as well as academic goals. Guaranteed boost in productivity. Read more.


  • Motivational Material for Business & Living - One of the most respected individual writers of material, which helps you develop your confidence, personality and success in business and life in general, is Jim Rohn. Jim's company now distributes over 100 products, which are all useful in your goal of achieving success. Peruse the online catalog for a review of the videos, audios, books and other aids, plus read the FREE Newsletter. The Challenge to Succeed 4-CD Set by Jim Rohn Order this Jim Rohn classic 4-CD set today to save $20!


Useful Resources for Entrepreneurs

We suggest that you spend some time researching through the pages of our web site especially related to business services. We have a Financial Page, also a Legal Page, a page, which deals with staff efficiency, plus one that deals with office efficiency.

For more help with regard to researching ideas and business tools, go to our Site Map and Search Page.

Business Ideas

People who come up with original moneymaking ideas are either geniuses or else just plain lucky. Not true. You can make your own luck, and it's really quite easy to come up with new ideas. The problem is choosing the right one for you, and making it work. As they say, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. If you understand where new business ideas come from, you're a long way towards coming up with one of your own. Read more about business opportunities.

Give them what they want!

Ever been frustrated searching for a product which nobody seems to make? Ever heard your neighbors complaining because they have to walk miles to the nearest Laundromat? Ever chased about town trying to buy a product that nobody seems to stock? Can you solve the problem? Give people what they want and you could have the beginnings of a profitable business.

I could do that

Most people are good at something. You might know everything there is to know about the music business. Perhaps you're the confident type, and reckon you could sell anything to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Are bright ideas always popping up inside your head like the proverbial light bulb?

Build on your strengths and you will build the beginnings of a profitable business. Of course, you could let someone else sort out the problems before you get involved. You could go for a tried and tested business that nobody has thought of starting in your area. You could take up a franchise (part of a major group like McDonalds or Dyno-Rod) or buy one of the businesses advertised for sale in your local paper. Often the best ideas have already been tried and tested by others. Visit our web page related to businesses for sale.

Get in there first.

Keep your eyes open; something could crop up of its own accord. Local papers are full of opportunities - the council putting another of its services out to tender or a businesswoman complaining about the lack of proper childcare facilities in the area. A few years ago people who questioned what we did with our rubbish were seen as cranks - today recycling waste paper is big business. Watch the future - it could be bringing you a profitable business idea. Once you're in business, many more opportunities to grow and develop will appear. Finding your first business idea is like planting an acorn - nurture it and it could grow into a mighty oak.


Are you the creative type, always coming up with clever ideas? Are you the practical, down-to-earth type who always does the job right? Whichever you are, if you want to run a successful business, you will have to learn how to use your imagination to solve problems. Business is all about solving problems - which is why people are willing to pay money for goods and services.

Whilst some people are better than others at this, there are ways to increase your ability to come up with solutions. Change stimulates the imagination. If you visit different people and places, you may pick up a well-tried idea that people just aren't aware of in your area. Tom Farmer spotted 'muffler shops' in the USA, came home and started Kwik-Fit. Change also helps to kick-start your mind into new ways of thinking. It helps new ideas to flow and makes you less narrow minded about what is possible. You don't have to go to the other side of the world - you can get stimulation simply by varying your routine. Make an effort to meet different types of people, get out to the countryside for a walk, or just visit a different town.

  • Industry Analysis & Reports - This Company pioneered online delivery of detailed industry analysis to small and large businesses through its Industry Financial Profiles, Sole Proprietor/Startup Profit & Loss Profiles, local and national Market Research Reports, Local Market Vitality Profiles, State Market Index series, and the Business Risk Index. Our proprietary research methodology tracks and analyzes the experience of over 18 million US business facilities, condensing millions of data points into the unique measures found in our profile series. Visit BizMiner


  • How to Market & Manage Your Service Business - With so much uncertainty in life and the economy, now more than ever, you need to ensure that your financial future is secure so you can stop worrying. I know the worry isn't going to disappear overnight, because there is no such thing as an "overnight success", but I want to help you put your mind at ease so you can: You can own and run a home business that makes a regular income by following these tips and guiding principals. Special Report Club Home Page


One way to open up your mind is to brainstorm. Yes, it does sound a bit wacky, but it is also a well-tried method of generating ideas and is widely used in the world of business.

Brainstorming is an approach that helps you to search out all the ideas lurking in the back of your mind. You can brainstorm with a bunch of friends, or with your business adviser. If others are involved you can get an atmosphere and a momentum going that throws up more and more ideas. Even if you do not have others with whom you can brainstorm, you can think creatively by yourself. Why not try it now? Get a pen and paper or a flip chart if you've got one.

Open your mind and write down as many ideas as you can possibly think of for a business in your area. Keep the ball rolling any way you can; pace up and down, talk to yourself, pin things on the wall. Don't stop to think! Don't reject things that seem impractical - in fact the crazier the better! Be positive, don't put yourself down - you can do it! Stop after ten minutes, and use a different colored pen to review your ideas. Which are practical? Which link to other ideas? Which can you reject out of hand? If nothing comes up, try again another day.

This material has been kindly provided by "Project North East" of England and re-witten and edited by our Senior Partner.



Some additional ideas to think about

  • Software to Start & Manage an Affiliate Program – Most online businesses have found that creating an affiliate program to market their products or services is one of the most successful ways to expand and grow an online business.  This software undertakes all the tasks required to operate a successful affiliate program. Read more.


  • Time Tracking & Billing Software - Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated by freelancers for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices. Whether you need to round time, use multiple currencies or create invoices with your own layout, Fanurio has the right tools to help you get paid. The annual maintenance plan grants you free access to application updates (major and minor) and technical support for one year. If your maintenance plan expires, you will no longer have access to technical support and updates but you will still be able to use the application and receive bug fix updates. Fanurio - single user license with annual maintenance plan for standalone version



  • Benefits of Operating Your Business as Nonprofit Organization - Serving as a one-stop-shop nonprofit resource center, CharityNet USA offers nonprofit consulting services helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established nonprofit organizations start or grow with over 30 expert business solutions. Whether you want to know how to start a nonprofit organization or need help for your existing organization, CharityNet USA can help. Read more.


  • Forming a Company or Corporation - Founded in 1899 by the architects of Delaware's corporate laws, The Company Corporation has more than a century of experience. We've helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners incorporate or form an LLC. Read more.



  • Outsourcing Job Services - What if people could hire freelancers the same way they bought stuff on eBay or Amazon? And what if all those services started at only five bucks? Fiverr is a great service to outsource annoying jobs, or make money in your spare time. Now, thanks to its new Android app, you can browse the Fiverr marketplace, place orders, and talk to sellers, right from the palm of your hand. Fiverr, the popular online source that lets anyone take small jobs. Fiverr is the home for digital, creative and professional services, providing a one-stop shop for millions of digital services. Fiverr allows entrepreneurs and business owners to make their business better, stay on budget and get things done in just a click. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on its site. Fiverr, the popular online source that lets anyone take small jobs. Bring Your Idea - We'll Handle The Rest Start, Run, & Grow Your Business On Fiverr - Freelancers At Your Service.


  • Outsourcing Saves Time & Money -The main goal of this course is to save you lots of time and money by letting someone else do your tasks, only better, cheaper and faster then you. We developed this course in order to share and spread the new way of getting your things done. It’s a summary of years of experience with hiring people from different countries in the world based on internet platforms to accomplish tasks that we needed to do. This course you will give you a full 360 degrees overview of handling the process of hiring a freelancer with success. Outsource everything (almost) -save yourself time and money




  • Business Builder Workshop (The Aspiring Entrepreneur's Guide to Planning a New Startup or Small Business) - This course is designed for first-time entrepreneurs without a business management background or education and will walk you through the process of planning for the launch of your new business. We will cover all of the basics of business planning in a straight-forward way. The course includes 54 lectures - a combination of video lectures, text lectures, and presentation slides - and will give any new entrepreneur an understanding of the intricacies of planning and launching a new business. Students will work through a combination of provided worksheets, provided templates, and free-form assignments to build the foundation for the launch of a successful business, step by step. If you have a business idea, by the end of this course you will be positioned to launch a successful company that can allow you to live your life the way you've always wanted to. Business Builder Workshop



  • Finding Work as a Successful Writer - We scour the web for the best writing gigs and deliver them straight to your dashboard. No more sorting through irrelevant posts on multiple sites. Your next (or first) client is just a click away. We make it easy to find sites who will publish your articles—even if you're a first-time writer. Search a database of writers’ guidelines from paying sites across the web. Our built-in grammar checker is your new eagle-eyed best friend. Correct typos, un-dangle those modifiers, and write error-free copy that will wow your clients. Sign up for a Writers Work Account Today!

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write


  • Why Delegation is Your Ultimate Business Weapon - Using this business guide you will discover how delegation is a true power within the context of entrepreneurship and self-employment. You will learn how to accurately use other people's talents, expertise, time and effort to start-up, build or expand your business. It will lead you to increase your business income while focusing on the most important aspect of your business. Working in your business day in day out? Not having much of a life except the business? Finding it hard to delegate responsibility because you're afraid they'll mess up? This is when entrepreneurs become prisoners in their own business. Are you using too much of your time and energy on routine or unimportant tasks? Have you failed to take the time to look at the vital aspects of your business? What about your company's future, the strategic plans, long term budgets and all the marketing campaigns you keep thinking about? Do you objectively review which tasks can be delegated to others and focus on the tasks that require the experience and skills that only you possess? REVEALING - Why Delegation is Your Ultimate Business Weapon!



  • Regulatory Compliance Training - OnlineCompliancePanel is a dedicated team, who work in tandem with the latest US FDA regulations/regulatory compliance in creating training sessions suitable for individuals and corporations. These sessions are simple, interactive and cost effective. We are a predominantly web based information exchange forum. Our interactive training sessions could be beneficial to corporations thriving in industries such as pharmaceuticals, drugs and chemicals, FDA compliance, medical devices, packaging and labeling, food and beverages, banking and finance, audits and inspections, recalls and crisis management and many more. We emphasizes in offering regulatory compliance training to compliance professionals on varied topics. These primarily include risk management, quality management, corporate compliance and other regulatory compliances. Some of our primary areas of focus include advancement and updates in regulatory compliance, best practices, risk management and market trends. Read more.

Online Compliance Panel



  • Tony Robbins Books & Videos - Tony Robbins has dedicated his life to creating and implementing strategies for the extraordinary quality of life desired by individuals and organizations throughout the world. As the recognized leader in personal and professional training, Tony Robbins creates and simplifies the tools and resources that transform customers' lives. For more than three decades, Tony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world. He has produced the #1 personal and professional system of all time and has directly impacted the lives of over 50 million people from 100 countries, with his best-selling books and audiotape products, public speaking engagements, and live appearances. Tools to Make Money in Tough Economic Times

What's standing between you and success?


  • Learn How to Start & Grow Your Own Small Business - Scared to start your own small business because of fear of the unknown? Fear of not being able to make enough money? This course will walk you through all the steps you need to take, to not only start your own small business, but feel confident in your product or service offering, revenue and budget projections, and how to run and manage your business effectively. We tackle practical challenges you will face and provide lots of useful information. We know because we have created our own successful small business, and crafted this course to teach you what we've learned from our hands on experience. Start Your Own Business, Be Your Own Boss



  • Business Books, Guides & Business Development Products - We publish books, business plans and business development products about how to start various types of retail, service and professional businesses. No where else will you find such informative, clearly written, and expertly structured books on how to start a new business or start a new career. The books will provide all the information you need to start, operate and manage your business. Each book draws from many experts in the field of business opportunity offered so that you have not just one writer’s view point, but the best that industry has to offer. Click here.



  • How to Achieve Your Goals - The truth is we all have habits we’d like to replace, choices we’d like to take back, and missed opportunities we’d like another crack at. The good news is that our eBook “Goal Setting” is meant to help you reach your goals faster and easier than you have ever done before. And that’s what you really want, isn’t it? Read more.



  • Establish a Prestigious Business Presence Anywhere in the World - With Regus Virtual Office services, you can get your own business address with on-site mail handling and call-answering services that use your business name. All at affordable prices and without committing to renting any physical space! Ultimately, improving your brand image, helping you to get found online easily, and saving you time on administration so that you can focus on your business. Read more.



  • Partnership Agreements in Business - In Parts 1 and 2 of 'Transform Your Idea Into A Profitable Business' you learned how to create a viable business model, product prototype and how to market and build your brand. But what about scaling up your business? That's hard to do if you're just one business owner. But, at the same time, you don't want your business to fail because you have chosen the wrong business partner. How can you make the right decisions for your business? Part 3 of this course is all about business partnerships.  This course will show you all that you have to do to prevent problems with your partnership and use it to boost your business: Who to choose as a partner and how. Understand the different kinds of partnerships and work out what is best for your business.  How to structure the partnership for maximum success. How to prevent and resolve partnership disputes. How to use partnerships to skyrocket your business growth. How to create the legal agreements to protect your interests. Transform Your Idea Into A Profitable Business: PARTNERSHIPS




  • Buying a Franchise - Many people are intimidated by the thought of researching and buying a reputable franchise. The purpose of this course is to demystify the buying process in 14 lectures and provide you with the knowledge and tools to successfully buy the best franchise that meets your lifestyle and investment objectives. Those who complete this course will be among the most informed group of franchise buyers in the country. This course was designed with the following potential owners in mind: 1. Passive investors looking for portfolio diversification. 2. Career switchers, unemployed, or underemployed citizens seeking new opportunities. 3. International citizens looking to obtain E2 or EB-5 visa status. 4. Small business owners who want to grow via franchising. Welcome to the 1%: The Master Class for Buying a Franchise


  • ProForma, The First Tool in Business for Entrepreneurs - ProForma is a tool entrepreneurs can use to learn how to evaluate the viability of a business or business idea. We've taken the complexity of such a task and designed a business tool that anyone can use with just a little knowledge of a spreadsheet program. This unique business tool gives you the ability to hammer the numbers, to make sure there is really something at the end of the rainbow. Once there is potential, the numbers can be sprinkled throughout the business plan and executive summary. If the numbers don’t work, move on. The ProForma - The First Tool in Businessc





  • Freelancing Experts - Witmart.com is a global online crowdsourcing service market that aims to provide Employers and Providers with the most reliable marketplace to post and find jobs. Today, Millions of freelancing experts who are skilled in design, writing, programming, planning, and marketing use our site from all across the world. We focus on businesses and individual users for both professional and everyday services. Our website provides a unique and innovative platform where Employers can post their service requirements; Providers bid and work on jobs posted by Employers. Read more.



  • Online Invoicing Service - Invoicebus is an online invoicing service for small businesses. Users include freelancers, small business owners, and Fortune 500 companies. Invoicebus proudly serves some of the most creative and innovative businesses in over 120 countries worldwide. Visit InvoiceBus

Simplify your invoicing with Invoicebus


    • How to Obtain a “Patent Pending” Status - Filing a patent application and obtaining patent pending status is a crucial step in launching a new product or starting a new business. Unfortunately patent law firms charge on average $2,000 to $5,000 to write and file provisional patent applications making this process cost prohibitive for many inventors. Our new course helps you to achieve this successful step in your business venture. Course Goal: Students will be learn how to prepare and file a professional, investor ready, patent application and be "Patent Pending" upon completing the course. Teaching Methods: Students will be provided with videos, examples, and easy to follow text walking them through the entire patent writing and patent filing process with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Patent Template: Each student will be able to download and use my advanced Provisional Patent Template which has been accepted by the US Patent Office allowing them to easily "fill in the blanks" to create their own patent application.  Help and Support: Students will have access to live workshops, a course questions and answer section, and my forum to ask patent questions and get help and support as needed. Get Patent Pending - How to Write and File Your Own Patentc





    • Copyright Laws for Online Entrepreneurs - This course is for anyone who has ever posted content that they created on the internet, whether it’s a educational course, a book, a video, a game or even a powerpoint presentation. This course covers the basics of the US Copyright Act and provides an introduction into international copyright law under the Berne Convention. Students will learn the history of copyright law, the basic tenets of copyright law, as well as the rights they have as a copyright owner.  By the end of this course, the students will know how to register their copyright in the United States, which form they need to use and what to include in their copyright registration. Additionally, students will understand the benefits of registration versus the benefits of notice and be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to register their copyright best for them.  This course will go over the law related to online copyright protection and, at the end of the course; students will understand how the law applies to them.  Additionally, they will understand the importance of the takedown letter, where they need to send the takedown notice, how and write a takedown letter that complies with the relevant law. Students will also understand the potential legal pitfalls and liability related to issuing a take down notice.  Students learn how to write a cease and desist letter, when and where to send the cease and desist letter, as well as the difference between a cease and desist and a takedown notice. Copyright Law for Online Entrepreneurs




    • Guide to Public Relations for Small Businesses - Publicity helps your businesses sell more products, services and make more money by: Establishing credibility, building instant trust, getting in front of new audiences, improving search engine optimization and driving relevant revenue generating traffic to your website. Our guide is a step-by-step strategy to getting publicity in major, nationally recognized publications and methods of how to aggressively grow your mailing list and social following. Publicity for your business can result in hundreds of new clients and customers and this guide shows you how you can successfully accomplish this step.  Read more.

      • Building a Profitable Network – In the age of social media & email marketing, let's not lose sight of the significance of a sincere and personal approach of networking in building your reputation in the market. In marketing my own company, I invested $2700 in 2 years on networking. Within the same timeframe, I have gained $120,000 worth of new business. What I will share are proven strategies to establishing a great reputation, networking with different types of people, and get the best returns out of your marketing investment. My goal is to help you accelerate your business success and make a bigger impact in your market. This course will give you, proven strategies to increase leads, get more sales, and help you build a trustworthy reputation in your network. Click here.

      • How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business - LinkedIn is now the world's greatest professional network and is becoming one of the must-haves in the social media marketing strategy of any business. But first, you have to learn how to use it correctly and efficiently and this course is designed to teach you just that. Here is some of what you'll be learning about: A step-by-step guide to creating and optimising your personal profile on LinkedIn. How to create a company page that is specifically tailored to your needs and targeted towards your potential leads and customers. The most powerful marketing tools LinkedIn has to offer and how to use them most effectively. Top tips for creating posts that build your brand reputation and attract followers. The most effective techniques for attracting followers on LinkedIn. Furthermore, you will be a given access to a wealth of LinkedIn marketing resources, tips and insider tactics. The bottom line is that if you own a business, then you need to be on LinkedIn in order to benefit from one of the fastest moving and growing professional-social media platforms available on the Internet today. But, it takes more than just creating a free LinkedIn account. You also have to understand exactly how to use it properly and efficiently in order to derive maximum benefits for you and your business. Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn Marketing Mastery

      • How to Hire & Manage Employees for the Small Business - If you are a busy entrepreneur, you will benefit from these easy steps to maximize your time managing employees and getting the best out of your people. It is typical for small business owners to assume that they have hired the wrong person when in reality the issue is employee management. This course will provide you with insights that will benefit your hiring process as much as your employee management skills. Learn what it takes to get the best out of people and turn employees into your company champions. Learn powerful insights of the hiring process. Understand how to prepare and deal with new employees. Learn how to create clear expectations and assess performance. Hire and Manage Performance to Build a Great Teamc



      • Building a Digital Business Strategy - This course will help you quickly establish a company wide vision and framework for developing and implementing a winning digital business strategy. We cover: Align your business or company on a Developing Successful Digital Business Strategy.  Learn what an integrated digital business strategy is. Learn why an integrated strategy is critical and how to communicate it. Align your company on the process required to create a winning strategy. This course helps you understand, communicate and build the consensus required for your company to develop and execute a successful digital business strategy. It is designed to provide you the insight you need to help your business or company understand and support the development of integrated digital strategies for products, marketing, operations and develop the competencies required to sustain digital leadership. Building a Digital Business Strategy



      • Data Analysis: Essential Skills for Managers – This course will give you the skills to analyze and drastically improve your business' performance, boost profits and achieve success. Every organisation, no matter how big or small, collects volumes and volumes of data. No matter what size your organisation, your business is never too big or too small to get real value from its data. This course will show you why data and analysis are the crucial elements to achieving real and sustainable business growth and success. This course will teach you how to: 1. Identify and access the data your business currently collects. 2. Sort and analyse this data to better understand your business. 3. Tap in to your data and find the gold that lies within, and 4. Create and implement a plan to continuously review, identify and boost performance across all areas of your business. Data Analysis: Essential Skills for Managers



      • How to Achieve Success in Leadership & Management  -  Our  service offers a world renown, award winning membership association of senior executives in the HR space. Our service also provides unique online learning, benchmarking, and group learning combined with the ability for executive to market their success cases. Best Practice Institute (BPI) is an association of executives and expert pioneers in leadership and management who are dedicated to implementing best and next practices. BPI's online learning community is the culmination of five years of developing live and on-demand resources and tools for BPI members. BPI has more than 42,000 subscribers, and its corporate and individual members include executives and employees of more than half of the Fortune 500. Visit Best Practice Institute



      • Using White Papers & Reports to Increase Sales - Sales becomes simple and straightforward when you've first built trust. A superior content marketing strategy accomplishes this feat. I've spent years in the trenches using special reports and white papers to attracting leads who quickly become six-figure clients. In this course, I conversationally share this winning formula. Start learning now to shortcut your path to producing powerful B2B content marketing with white papers. You'll discover: The six elements to a winning white paper that not only leave your readers itching for more, but also move them one step further in your the sales funnel. Our course will cover: The two emotional appeals that must be conveyed on your offer page to entice visitors to become leads. Sample action-inducing bullet points that create an overwhelming uneasiness, which can only be relieved by your White Paper content. Which fields are absolutely critical (and which can be ignored) on your lead capture forms?  Plus much more. Smart B2B Content Marketing: The Winning White Paper Formulac



      • Quickest Way to Legally Form Your Business - Incfile.com was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Houston, Texas. Since starting we have assisted more than 150,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners form their businesses. Our mission is it to provide a superior user experience at an unparalleled value. Incorporate your business for just $49! Plus State Filing Fees!


      • How to Create a Paperless Office - Digitize your documents while cutting back on incoming and outgoing paper! Join Joe Kissell as he helps you clear the chaos of an office overflowing with paper. With Joe’s guidance you can develop a personal clean-up strategy and choose your Mac-compatible tools—a document scanner and the software you need to perform OCR (optical character recognition), devices and services for storing your digitized documents, and tools to categorize, locate, and view your digital document collections. Once you have your gear in hand, Joe shows you convert your paper documents to digitized files and gives you ideas for how to organize your office workflow, explaining how to develop the day-to-day techniques that reduce the amount of time you spend pressing buttons, launching software, and managing your digitized documents. Buy Take Control of Your Paperless Office, Second Edition



      • Affiliate Marketing Skills & Techniques - This course on Affiliate Marketing is one like no other. It contains all the information, all the tips, all the tricks and all the insider secrets that will ensure your success, be that as a business owner looking to make use of affiliate marketing to propel his or her business to greater heights, or as someone who wants to enter this lucrative industry as an affiliate marketer. Here are a few of the topics we will be covering and some of the valuable skills you will soon be learning: How and where to find the most profitable products to promote as an affiliate. The top affiliate programs to use for your business. The top affiliate networks to join as an affiliate marketer and insider tips on how to get approved as one of their hand-picked super affiliates. The best places to advertise for attracting quality traffic to your offers and how to get the most value out of that traffic. Many more vital topics are also covered in this course. All-Star Affiliate Marketing for Businesses & Entrepreneurs


      • An Introduction to Business & Management - Are you interested in a career in business and management, and keen to know more about what it takes to be a businessman or businesswoman in the 21st century? Perhaps you want to work for a major company, one of the ‘big four’, or are looking to start your own entrepreneurial business? Or are you looking to undertake further studies of business and management as an academic discipline at university and beyond? If any of these questions applies to you, then this course is the ideal starting point to your studies and career in business, offering a mix of practical advice and academic theory that offers a firm foundation from which to undertake further research. The course begins by looking at the fundamental elements that govern all sustainable businesses – the need to reach the ‘break even’ point and to generate profit – before moving on to consider different types of business structure. An Introduction to Business and Management



      • Trademarks: Look up an Existing Trademark Without a Lawyer - In this guide you will learn how to look up trademarks, and determine whether your website, app, podcast or any other kind of a brand infringes on another trademark. It is extremely important to check for existing trademarks before you start any kind of business. You may not be planning to get a trademark of your own, but you absolutely must determine whether the company name or brand you are planning to create will infringe on another existing trademark. If it will, you may have to re-do your entire website and all the branding that you posted all over the web. That would be an absolute nightmare, and this course helps you avoid all that. Save money on not having to hire a lawyer if you had to consult with a lawyer every time you needed to check whether you would be infringing on another trademark, it would quickly become expensive! Knowing how to do it on your own saves you A LOT of money and time! Trademarks: look up an existing trademark without a lawyer



      • Video Marketing Strategy to Grow your Business (Learn how to Attract, Brand, Convert and Delight your Target Audience) - This concise course will provide you with the video marketing strategy needed to attract your ideal audience, connect with them using powerful brand stories and convert them into delighted customers. In this video training program, you'll learn how to create videos that deliver on your business objectives by indentifying content that your target audience will actually want to watch. Then you learn how to optimize your videos to maximize your views and your Return on Investment. The course includes easy-to-follow video lectures that will get you up and running quickly so that you can get on with what you do best - grow your business. Video Marketing Strategy to Grow your Business

      • Intellectual Property (IP) Law (Patent, Trademark and Copyright) - What you think you know about intellectual property law is probably wrong. In fact, most attorneys do not have correct information when it comes to patents, trademarks, copyrights, business secrets, and other areas of Intellectual Property Law ("IP"). If you have valuable technology, a product idea, or own any business, it is vital that you know the basics of IP so that you can know your rights and protect them, and avoid making very costly - but common - errors. We will cover the essential basics of: Patents Trademarks Copyrights Trade Secrets In addition, we will provide examples of common (and very costly) mistakes and misunderstandings surrounding IP Law. Must-Know IP Law (Patent, Trademark and Copyright)c


      • Business Tools for EntrepreneursGrowthink.com helps entrepreneurs become more successful. Since 1999, we have helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs to successfully start, grow and/or exit their companies. Growthink accomplishes this through our suite of services and products that solve the key needs of entrepreneurs. These needs include: expertly identifying and pursuing new opportunities, developing business plans, raising capital, creating executive dashboards, building marketing and growth strategies, and developing and executing on exit plans. Read more.

      • Business Expert Press – Our business service is partnered with Harvard Business School Press and BEP books are in use in top business schools all over the world including UCLA, Duke, USC, London Business School, INSEAD and scores of other top business schools. Business Expert Press was founded on the proposition that executives and business students need reliable, concise information and guidance from experts across the field of business. Professors from around the world typically focus on writing journal articles, lengthy monographs, textbooks and topical articles for magazines. Business Expert Press combines and summarizes these published works to help students improve their understanding of theories and gain more in-depth knowledge of a particular topic. Marketing Research Books


      • Train the Trainer Program - The Inspired Spirit Coach training program is unlike any other international coach certification available today. Join us for this extraordinary training program and the opportunity of a lifetime to study with other like-minded individuals and someone who has been recognized as one of the world’s leading mentors. This is your opportunity to belong to a community of coaches who not only understand the Law of Attraction, but live it, breathe it and have been trained to coach others to create their own success. You will love the spiritual content of the program and the practicality of the course and love the power and freedom you will feel within; the joy and ease of supporting other people. Read more.

      • How to Manage a Successful Business - Lean Startup is a new, field-tested philosophy that provides you with a toolset to minimize failure and increase your chances of success. Learn why hundreds of companies, from financial services companies like Wealthfront to social companies like IMVU to large corporations such as Intuit, are using this revolutionary technique. But what is Lean Startup, or more importantly, how do I implement Lean principles into my own company? Well, to answer that question, we've brought in the Godfather of Lean Startup himself, Eric Ries. Not only has he written the book on "The Lean Startup," but he has also now created THE course on Lean Startup. Eric brought in all of the leaders in the movement to talk to you about what lean startup is and how to implement it into your company. This course is the real deal - it's the most content you'll ever get on the Lean Startup in one place. More importantly, it is curated - Eric has personally taken the most important aspects of Lean Startup and condensed it into a single course. For example: “The easiest and fastest ways to build minimum viable products so you can get your product launched as quickly as possible” and then he added a few dozen case studies of it by including bonus material from the definitive conferences on the subject. Read more.




      • Learn How to Skillfully Outsource – Taking this short course you will gain freedom & grow your business. Your will learn how to hire, train and grow a virtual team to do your tasks for you in this step-by-step guide to outsourcing Outsource Camp is a course that will teach you how to utilize the right tools and resources to leverage your time and grow your business with hiring virtual team members through outsourcing. Learn How to Outsource: Gain Freedom & Grow Your Business

      • Learn Creative Problem Solving - This course teaches you how to use creative problem solving to make decisions and deal with problems. Learn Creative Problem Solving which is a flexible, dynamic process used to solve challenges and make important decisions. This course will improve your problem solving skills, your decisions will be inspired and you will have confidence in your decisions, and the course is ideal for decision makers, entrepreneurs, managers and team leaders. The skills that learn can also be applied to your personal life. After completing this course your life will feel easier, less stressed and you will be more productive. The course is in 2 parts. The first part looks at creative thinking, what it is and how to develop your creative mind. The second part is the Solved Method which will take you step by step through the process of creative problem solving. This Creative Problem Solving for Business and Life course consists of 17 lessons with extensive notes. Learn how to use creative thinking skills to solve problems and make inspired decisions. Creative Problem Solving for Business and Lifec


      • How to Achieve Time Management - Discover proven techniques and strategies for greater success in sales, time management, self-development, personal wealth, business, leadership, and more! Click here.



      • Business Development Software for Starting & Managing a Small Business - The Delamere Group is now offering professional business development software to our clients: Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Employee Policies Handbook, HR Tracking System, Safety Plan, PR Templates, Sample Contracts, Stock Options... All proven successful over the past 20 years. These packages are perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants. Read more.


      • Using Shared Offices - Our service helps firms who have excess office space (usually due to downsizing) and smaller businesses who are looking for shared office space…find each other. In addition to finding qualified matches using the basics (location, rent amount, space size, amenities, etc.) our proprietary software also factors in industry compatibility, as well. For example, an advertising agency sharing space with a web development company. A larger law firm sharing space with a sole practitioner attorney. Etc. By doing so, two non-competing, industry-compatible firms are likely to experience business synergies in the form of collaboration, referrals and networking. In today's tough economic climate, it's the perfect way for firms with unused space to convert that into income. Convert Excess Office Spaces For Lease Into Immediate Income Today!

      Shared Offices helps firms who have excess office space find industry compatible tenants. Visit SharedOffices.com Today

      • Financial Analysis Model - This software is an ideal tool for start up companies  trying to test their business idea in terms of financial viability. Model is very simple to use and provides all the necessary output data every investor wants to see. COREFAIT Financial Analysis Model



      • Information & Updates Essential to the Entrepreneur - Many of our clients in various countries have found that a regular subscription to the world leading "Entrepreneur Magazine" has become an essential support in creating new ideas for their business. Subscribe to Entrepreneur Magazine. This service also has a wide range of publications directly related to starting and being successful in a small business. Check this site for the Categories List of "Small Biz Books" which are packed with useful relevant information and suggestions. Great businesses you can start and run from home

      • Can you handle the problems of running a small business? - Based on a recent survey taken amongst over 10,000 small businesses both in the USA, Europe and other developed and developing countries, we have listed the ten most common problems, which make the task of operating a small business more and more difficult, especially with more competition, and coping with a recurring world recession. The material that our firm has researched, specifically investigates these common problems and we hope will help the entrepreneur and small business owner, to survive the difficulties experienced by their fellow entrepreneurs. Click here.

      • Don't be too proud to ask for assistance and help when you need it. We recommend to many of clients, the following 2 sources for assistance, but if you reside in any other country than the USA, check with your local Chamber of Commerce for similar programmes.

        • The SCORE Association (Service Corps of Retired Executives) is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the USA Small Business Administration (SBA). SCORE Association volunteers serve as "Counselors to America's Small Business."

          Working and retired executives and business owners donate their time and expertise as volunteer business counselors and provide confidential counseling and mentoring free of charge. With more than 10,500 volunteer business counselors, SCORE provides small business mentoring and advice on the full range of business topics. You can find SCORE in your local community to meet with a SCORE counselor face-to-face or you can use the service "Get Email Counseling" to receive free and confidential business advice. For more details click here

        • Try using our Small Business Advice Service - This service allows you to submit any question that you may have about your business plans or problems being encountered in your small business venture. There is no charge for this service and if you check the pages of our web site "search and site map" you might just find the right answer to your current problem, but if not please feel free to contact us.

      • We have suggested to many of our clients that a little extra study and research into the subject of being successful as an entrepreneur, will produce handsome dividends, and we have suggested the course, "Venture Creation in the 21st Century." This course will examine business venture creation in a step-by-step process, and the course looks at the process of new business venture creation in today's global economy. Contributions of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation will be examined in the process of setting up a business venture. For the full details of this course "Venture Creation in the 21st Century" (Ref.MTC 899-C) go to our Online Courses page, click here, and select the category of the Catalog "Global Business Practices" click here

      • Self-improvement programs - Life of Learning aims to help individuals realize their true relationship with life through higher self-studies and the use of self-help books, eBooks, audio albums, tapes, CDs, videos, & DVDs. For more details, click here.


      • Starting an Online Business - Do you have a product or service you would like to sell online? Do you want to tap into the BILLION DOLLAR MARKET of selling your goods and services online? KickStartCart.com integrates everything you need to do business professionally over the Internet - an Internet merchant account, a payment gateway, a secure online order form, Affiliate tracking, ad tracking, detailed reporting, and much, much more. It's perfect for selling shippable products or downloadable goods or online services on a one-time or recurring basis. Read more.


      • Legal Protection for the Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs - Owners of small to medium size businesses told a recent survey the threat of a lawsuit could shut them down. Don't be road kill for some attorney. Get the information you need to protect yourself and your business legally when you become a member. This is a one-time fee with no monthly payments. Read more.


      • Breaking Into & Developing Voice Over Skills - Ever been told "you've got a great voice...you should be in cartoons!" Or listened to radio ads and thought, "I could do that?" Or maybe you even have a business that you'd like to create quality marketing videos for, and you want to learn how to narrate them? Well, the reality is that it takes more than just a dream and some vocal cords that can imitate funny cartoon characters. But luckily, I'm here to walk you through the steps of getting started! I'll share my favorite tips and techniques for taking your first steps into the world of voice acting, tell you about my experiences working in the entertainment industry with giants like Universal Studios and Disney, show you the tools you'll need to get a professional sound, help you build your first demos, and give you all the "dirt" for finding work that I've learned the hard way on my own journey to voiceover success. I'll also use my many years of experience in marketing and branding to help you put your best foot forward when you're ready to take the plunge into starting your voiceover business. So You Want To Be a Voice Actor: Breaking Into Voiceovers


      • Franchise Opportunities - Using our service you will find the most top franchise opportunities for sale, useful information on franchises, and an objective franchise opportunity comparison and evaluation system. Read more.


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