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Our firm, Delamere-Pennine Associates has been involved with clients in the construction industry and also owned its own building company, Delamere Construction, for many years. Plus our company owned estate agencies in Cape Town, namely Delamere Estates and Pennine Estates. Projects related to the construction of new houses, renovating and subdividing properties and sectional title (see footnote) development, have all contributed to the experience of our company, which assisted toward researching information for this page on our website.

The main thrust of our construction services are now connected primarily to consulting, research of existing products and services, researching new products in the construction industry and directing our clients or website visitors to the most reliable sources of information and suppliers. We trust that this page will prove to be an invaluable aid to the owner-builder or contractor.

Is Housing For Everyone a Reality in the USA?

  • America faces a crisis that has been largely unreported and ignored: Millions of American families cannot afford adequate housing. The statistics are clear and they are disturbing. Fourteen percent of American families today, 13.7 million households, have critical housing needs, meaning that they spend more than half of their income on housing or live in seriously substandard conditions.
  • While millions of working families need affordable housing to buy or rent, the number of low-income rental units is declining by almost half a million per year.
  • These numbers are daunting. They are the statistical manifestation of a very real housing shortage that affects the daily quality of life for millions of Americans.
  • Two factors are contributing most to this growing problem.

    • First, is a significant increase in population. The recent census reports that 1.35 million households were formed in this country every year during the last decade. That's 200,000 more households per year than previously believed. Those new housholds need housing. To keep up with the underlying demand, we need to build about 1.6 million new homes and apartments units each and every year.

    • The second factor is the resistance to construction of new multi-family housing. This is a national trend, and it is having a significant impact on the supply of housing available for low-income families.


  • Environmentalists, home builders, advocates for the poor and homeless, and urban planners all agree on one aspect of growth policy, that is the need to construct more housing in our cities and inner suburbs.
  • The only people who don't agree with this strategy are the homeowners who live near any proposed new housing development. The problem is that individual resistance to rental and other multifamily housing presents a formidable barrier. Those barriers often cause the homebuilder to look elsewhere, and that means housing that is affordable to low-income families often do not get built.
  • The new term we are hearing more and more is "snob zoning." Local governments, often pressured by their constituents, are adopting zoning patterns that greatly restrict where and how much multifamily housing can be built.
  • Put these factors together, a burgeoning population, a decreasing supply of low-income rental units, local governments that adopt zoning plans that restrict multifamily development, and neighborhood activists who fight new development, and its not hard to see why it is increasingly difficult for low-income families to find adequate housing.
  • The answer to this nation's housing crisis is for all the stakeholders in this process to do their part. There are solutions. But to get from here to there, we will need creativity, cooperation, and, perhaps most important, the political will to make the right decisions.

These comments are a reprint of a news release on 4 November 2001 by the Home Builders Association of the Greater Salt Lake Region of the USA

Footnote: Some of our readers have requested clarification on the property ownership system of Sectional Title used in South Africa. Please visit this page for a brief synopsis of the topic. We currently have several Duplex and Simplex units in the Garden City Heights Complex in Central Pinelands, Cape Town, for sale. If you would like more information please contact us.

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