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This recently launched Global Trade and marketing database is partially sponsored by the "MTC International Foundation" and is destined to become a dominant leader on the Internet related to African and Caribbean Basin trade, ultimately covering all countries involved with Global Trade. This initiative is being promoted based on the aggressive backing of sponsor organizations. Now is the time to be listed, no matter how small or new your business or service, in order to benefit from the global exposure you will enjoy from this e-commerce portal.

For further information related to the "Trade and Development Act of 2000" which embodies the two above initiatives read the Fact Sheet released by the White House Office of the Press Secretary, dated 18 May 2000. Click here

These pages of our Global Trade (World Trade) initiative offer individuals, companies and organizations, the opportunity to advertise their goods or services. Visitors to our web site, prospective clients or customers, individuals or companies looking for products, services or information, will be able to examine your listing, whether in their own country or globally, and will serve as the World Trade Centre Africa.

In line with the policy of the backers of Delamere-Pennine Associates and current US and international trade legislation, businesses and organizations based in the sub Sahara African countries, plus part of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) will be offered FREE listings. This will allow parties who are not yet benefiting from the power of the Internet and e-commerce, to now be included. Other businesses, companies and organizations outside these preferential regions or countries that also would like to enjoy the benefits of this global marketplace may submit a listing in return for payment of a nominal fee. This page of our website is operated on a non-profit basis and any nominal fee paid is used to assist in research and assisting in the marketing of new listings received in our 'free listing' service.

Ultimately, as your business grows, you will be drawn into the success and expansion of the Internet and e-commerce as an integral part of your business operations and marketing programme. When you reach this point of growth and you eventually face the reality of launching your own web site. As a loyal supporter of our Global Trade pages, our firm will assist you and provide free advice to guide you through the essential steps of developing, designing and launching your own web site.

The mission of this site is to include any or all current initiatives to advance trade between the more developed countries and developing countries in order to assist and spread wealth and prosperity evenly throughout the globe. We appreciate any assistance from interested parties who wish to link and offer cooperation to advance this goal. This initiative will be developed in 3 phases: -

At this stage we are launching the "African Growth and Opportunity Act"(AGOA) initiative as part of the mission of our site, the other phases will follow as soon as possible.

Our team is currently researching and setting up these Global Trade pages for the 'Caribbean Basin Initiative' now known as the "Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act" (CBTPA), also now incorporating the "Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act" (CBERA).In addition we have been requested to set up pages for promoting trade with China in view of the recent passing by the US Government of the legislation to grant China permanent normal trading status. This legislation has been passed only after one of the most bitterly contested and biggest battles of the year in the US Senate. For the full report of this landmark agreement.

We request any business who wishes to join these pages contact us immediately to be included in the directory when it is uploaded onto our website.

Instructions for Listing

  • Individuals, businesses, companies and organizations based in sub Sahara Africa covered by the "Nafta for Africa Act" or the "Caribbean Basin Initiative" will receive a dedicated FREE listing on our site, which includes an entry into the main Global Trade Directory listed under country and category, for a period of one year. If the applicants have their own web site, a direct link from our web site will be created.
  • Individuals, businesses, companies and organizations outside the above regions can receive a dedicated entry on our site and a listing will appear in the Main Global Trade Directory consisting of several lines describing the products or service. Plus a direct link to their own web site will be created if they have an existing site. The current subsidized fee is $45.00 US for a one-year period.
  • To submit your listing for inclusion in our Global Trade pages, you will be required to supply a brief description of your business or service. Our firm reserves the right to compile the text entry in the Main Directory based on your submission and this text will be submitted to the applicant for approval.

At this present time we only offer English language pages, other languages will be offered in due course. Meantime, for the use of our FREE translation service, click here.

Your Action Guide - How you can help to promote this site and its mission

  • Make a donation - The "MTC International Foundation" will deposit and hold any contributions made to support the initiative of these Global Trade pages in a legally registered trust account. This 'Foundation' is currently registered in the State of California, USA (Reg. # 16650) and incorporated as a non-profit corporation and recognized as a Section 501(c) (3) organization by the Internal Revenue Department of the US Government. Your contribution will normally be tax deductible. Check with your accountant, financial advisor or tax office in your country of residence. Note that the 'MTC International Foundation' currently operates two separate donation funds:
    (a) fund to assist students from a previously disadvantaged background. This fund is known as the, South African Student Sponsorship Programme (SASSP). For a full explanation of this student fund click here and;

    (b) the fund related to the initiative of these Global Trade pages is known as the "Global Trade Initiative Fund" (GTIF). Please specify which fund is to receive your donation.

    (c) A third fund is due to be launched in the near future related to the support of donated funds to nominated wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya, and which are registered members of the “Kenya Wildlife Conservation Association” as decided by the management committee of the “MTC International Foundation”.

  • Spread the Word - Show your friends and business associates how to access these pages of our website and how to use the FREE listing services. Also you can 'tell a friend' by e-mailing them the address of our site.
  • Give a talk or feature the topic in a group discussion - If the opportunity presents itself, why not give a short talk or presentation to your local church group, club, workplace, school or even your local radio station. Most genuine people would like to hear about this initiative and play some part in promoting this programme, no matter how small their contribution may be.
  • Write an Article - Those who have access to local community newspapers and journals, or even writers of articles in e-mail Newsletters could assist in the promotion of this site by submitting a brief but informative review of this initiative.
  • Providing Technical Assistance - We are always looking out for volunteers who will assist in providing technical assistance related to the marketing of this initiative. We especially require assistance in creating and maintaining the database of countries, businesses and services when we enter Phase 2 and 3 of this global trade programme.
  • Hot Link - One of our partners is currently designing a 'Logo' which promotes this trade initiative. If you would like to volunteer to display a link on your community web site, contact us and we will provide a cut and paste HTML code to place on your site.

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