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Business & Employment




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  • Trade Magazines. Free subscriptions are now available to professionals - No hidden or trial offers, and no purchase necessary. Publications are absolutely free to professionals who qualify. The Delamere Group has arranged an ongoing contract for our clients and site visitors (See News Release) to receive these free subscriptions to qualified individuals and companies. Browse through our extensive list of trade publications by industry, title, or geographic eligibility to find the titles that best match your skills and interests. Simply complete the application form and submit it. Many are available for international delivery. For more details on the over 300 magazines currently offered on a free subscription basis click here





  • Business & Marketing Plans - Business Plan Pro software will lead you through every step of creating your business plan. The plan may be about the final document for your banker or investor, but for you it is about the process of gathering your ideas and developing and growing your business. Business Plan Pro creates a great looking document for your banker, while helping you to better understand and grow your business. See also our Marketing Plan Pro. This software is one of the best ways to prepare and create a marketing plan that will improve profitability, awareness and long-term stability of your business. The package includes over 70 sample marketing plans and covers all types of businesses and is highly recommended. Both software packages are suitable for all international businesses and most countries of the world. Read more





  • For more information, background and history of Australia click here







  • Hardware and Software for our clients in Australia - I-Tech Australia's Premier Computer Hardware Store. They supply a large range of Computer Hardware and Software in Australia and cater all computer hardware needs for individual and business clients. I-Tech


  • Small Business Online Store - For all your supplies for office furniture, office equipment, computer hardware & software, printing and stationery, mobile phones including telematics. International delivery is arranged by most of our suppliers. Visit the site of Delamere Small Business Online Store




  • When it comes to promoting your business and marketing in Australia using the various channels of communications and media currently available, you basically have two choices.
    • Use your own staff and existing personnel and undertake your marketing campaign "in-house" and employ the various resources and facilities listed on our Marketing pages, which have all been tried and tested and are confidently recommended by our firm. Click here
    • Or you can use the services of a reputable and successful marketing firm such as Delamere-Pennine Associates. The choice is yours, but in today's competitive market you cannot ignore the need for a positive and aggressive marketing policy if you want your business to succeed and grow. Visit the site of Delamere Marketing


  • The Australian Guide - For the visitor to this facinating country we highly recommend this well-written book, which explores the coastal and outback regions. Intriguing historical, ecological, and cultural facts bring the country and its residents to life, while practical information smoothes the way for a stress-free vacation. Extensive coverage of this countries protected natural areas both on land and underwater. Color photos are in abundance DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Australia









  • For books, e-books, guides, contacts and reliable sources for employment in Australia, either as a job seeker or employer/recruiter, we suggest that you visit our Employment Pages


  • Receive Updates from the International Job Market - Delamere-Pennine Associates has teamed up with Donovan Inc., and Quest Recruitment Services. This combined service will send your résumé out to over 20,000 recruiters and over 800 key employers. If you are looking for a job in Australia, this service is producing excellent results for our clients in over 75 countries, who are looking for a change in employment or first time job seekers. iDonovan.com/au - Australia's Leading Career Network



  • Financial Services Online (Australia) – Our Company helps connect people seeking assistance with financial matters to expert financial consultants. Whether you need help with, finding the best insurance quotes, getting a great deal on a home loan or simply seeking financial advice for your business, Financial Services Online can help connect you with an expert in your area of need with whom you then deal directly. Click here.


  • Promotional Item for Marketing Your Business - Red Fish Marketing is Australia's site for Promotional Products, Corporate Gifts, Promotional Items, and Promotional Gifts. All of our products can be decorated or branded with your company's logo, website address, or message to make your marketing activity stand out in the ocean. From stubbie holders and button badges to promotional corporate clothing and lanyards we have your promotional needs covered. Click here.



  • Web Site Designing and development services for international online trading. We offer services to small business and individuals who want a web presence for their small business or private use. Our fees and prices are very reasonable and we offer free advice on the best way to set out your web presence. Contact us at Virtuosity Design


  • The Layman’s Guide To Australian Coin Values – This guide will help you identify all of Australia’s most valuable coins and notes. In addition it will give you an accurate idea of how much cash a dealer will pay you for it and give you pointers on how and where to sell it. Read more.




  • Trading in Bullion - MetalDesk is the web-based trading platform which provides access to the physical precious metal exchange. MetalDesk has been specifically engineered for the trade of physical bullion, allowing the end clients of members to trade, store, or take delivery of bullion in just a few clicks. Liquidity in the OTC bullion market is largely centred in London and Zurich, with standardised OTC trading and physical settlement mechanisms lacking outside of these locations. Bullion Capital optimises physical bullion market efficiency across the world by standardising and seamlessly connecting major global liquidity hubs electronically and logistically. Read more






  • Investing in Gold - The mining sector is one of the fastest moving in the market, offering potential for huge profits in a short space of time. A NEW book by Michael Coulson, Chairman of the Association of Mining Analysts, tells you how the markets work, the pitfalls to avoid, how profits are made, and how you can get exposure to this exciting sector without taking undue risk. We expect this to be one of the fastest selling books of 2004. Reserve your copy now, An Insider's Guide to the Mining Sector: An in-depth study of gold and mining shares




Real Estate


  • How to buy, sell or rent real estate in Australia - Delamere Estates is now promoting a unique & comprehensive interactive website which changes the way we can access information on Real Estate Agents in Australia, which is critical in the decision making process when it comes to choosing which Real Estate Agent will deliver the best result for Selling, Buying, Renting or having your property managed. Contact us.




  • Offices & Office Accommodation Offered Worldwide - Delamere Estates now has available our Global service, Search Office Space, which provides a free online and offline service for users to search for serviced offices globally. Search our database for free. Our company also has available commercial properties for lease, office space for rent, medical office, retail space, industrial, and warehouse space for lease or rent.




  • Real Estate & Property Investing - In this online guide you will discover the essential concepts and information on investing in real-estate property, and how you can start earning yourself a sustainable income. This educational course introduces the essential concepts and information on investing in property. It also covers where and when to invest, financing, types of deals to look for, and opportunities for growing wealth, especially in Australia. This course is aimed at those who want to start out in property investment, either part-time, or as a full time strategy. Beginners Guide to Real Estate Property Investing -VIPSilver


  • Buying & Selling Property and Real Estate in Australia - Property, in our experience, has been one of the most lucrative investments available. We have the personal experiences of clients in our files, who have bought property in California, and made 300 percent profit in 2 years. Another of our clients bought an old wooden bungalow on 3rd Beach at Clifton, Cape Town, for R600,000 and sold it 2 years later for R1,5 million. This is why we always encourage our clients to have at least one third of their investment portfolio in real estate, for income or capital growth. Although based in the US market, the principles and ideas work in most other countries too. Contact the Delamere Group.
  • If you are a shrewd investor in real estate and property in Australia , we strongly recommend that you visit our web page on Property Investments and the ideas that have been used by our client's that have produced millions for them.



  • Don't forget to visit our international site Delamere Travel, click here
  • For travel books on Australia (plus all other countries) that relate to travel to this country and the best places to visit while in this country, Click Here

  • Langham Hotels - With a luxury hotel heritage dating back to 1865 since the flagship Langham Hotel in London originally opened as Europe's first Grand Hotel, Langham Hotels International has always been at the forefront of sophisticated and gracious hospitality group for 5 star or luxury hotels. Currently we have 8 hotels in 6 different cities around the world. As our groups are expanding, we are adding more new hotels to our group. Click here.
  • For the latest Immigration Information to enter the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, plus other major countries, for tourism, study or business, and you require a visa, passport or customs regulations, visit Delamere Immigration Services


  • Looking for holiday accommodation in Queensland, Australia - Queensland accommodation specialist has current availability in hotels, motels, serviced apartments, resorts, guesthouses and bed & breakfasts of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Whitsunday's, Townsville, Cairns, Port Douglas and other Queensland towns. Enjoy immediate on-line booking confirmations or personalised service and advice. Click here.


  • Design Hotels - This hotel group was established in 1993 as the first of its kind, Design Hotels now represents and markets a hand-selected collection of more than 176 hotels in over 43 countries and 114 destinations around the globe. Design Hotel is an international lifestyle brand synonymous with distinctive architecture and interior design, balanced with functionality and exceptional service. Click here.






  • Business Visa for Australia - Australia's migration programme encourages successful business people to settle in Australia and develop new or existing businesses. Visit Delamere Immigration Services










  • Studying in Australia - This very useful website covers all aspects of what is required for foreign student to live and study in Australia, and enjoying the adventurous lifestyle and country, while at the same time obtaining a good quality education at one of the leading Australian colleges. The areas of subjects offered are, visa requirements, living conditions, plus much more, and in fact is probably the most comprehensive source of information for students, especially from Europe and South America wishing to live and study in Australia. Click here





  • History & Culture of Australia - Trove, a service created and maintained by the National Library of Australia, aggregates pictures, journal articles, newspaper articles, music, maps, diaries, and many other resources that illuminate the history and culture of Australia over the past 200 years. Readers may like to begin by selecting from any of the various categories (Books, Maps, Archived websites, etc.). For instance, selecting People and organizations navigates to a page with a pre-filtered search engine, where they may enter their interests, such as "theater," which returns 51 results including Delacorte Theater, GRIPS Theater, and others. Readers may also like to scout A Guide to Trove, where they will find user guides, information about content partners, and a discussion about how to use Trove as a platform for building tools and resources. It is worth noting that Trove's holdings are immense; filtering by photo turns up 8,222,014 results, including an early photograph of the Hawthorn Presbyterian Church, taken in 1868, and a 1976 photograph of Sydney Cove. Visit this site. (From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2016)



  • Western Australia - The Golden Pipeline brings Western Australian history to life, taking visitors on a journey along the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme (GWSS), a pipeline that transports water from Perth to Kalgoorlie (560 km, or 348 miles to the east). From the main page, visitors can choose to begin either by learning about the history of the scheme or by exploring an interactive map with both visual and textual elements to help users understand the importance of the GWSS. As visitors "travel" along the trail, they find opportunities to learn more about local sites and see photos of the pipeline traversing the land. Visitors can navigate using a menu on the left-hand side with tabs for sections such as The People (with information on various individuals and ethnic groups impacted by the GWSS), Water and Land, and Education Resources. Despite the section name, the Education Resources materials are not just for teachers, because the section also includes a collection of brochures curated by the Golden Pipeline to help visitors grasp the politics, history, and future of this engineering marvel. This site is a project of the National Trust of Western Australia. Visit this site.





  • AustLit the Australian Literature Resource - AustLit aims to "be the definitive information resource and research environment for Australian literary, print, and narrative cultures." The project, headed by the University of Queensland, is a collaboration between researchers from a number of Australian universities and the National Library of Australia. Launched in 2000, AustLit offers a rich and authoritative collection of resources for researchers, educators, and anyone interested in Australian literature. These items include lesson plans, online exhibits, essays, and access to over 87,000 full-text resources, including original literature and literary scholarship. Many of these text resources have been digitized or published through the AustLit project; in addition, the project provides links to full-text resources from other websites. While it is impossible to summarize the sheer breadth of resources available via AustLit in this annotation, visitors may want to start by checking out the Explore tab at the top of the site in order to get a sense of the diversity of material available. Here, one will find exhibitions on topics ranging from Asian-Australian children's literature; Australian television writers, 1953- 1977; published and unpublished works from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors (in theBlackWords exhibit); and much more. Visit this site. (From the Scout Report, 2017)




  • The Delamere Group is a sponsor of "Save the Children" fund, plus "Children International". Sponsor a child today you can make a difference! Click here. Both groups are working around the world to create positive, lasting changes in the lives of disadvantaged children and families. Why not support this worthy cause Help change the world: Sponsor a child and 'help to make a difference'.


  • The University of Sydney - This university in Australia recently unveiled the X-Lab, a 40x20 meter space that houses up to eight classes using advanced live lecture streaming. Using a multipoint distribution strategy based on a Dante network from Audinate, the IP-based architecture efficiently streams lecture audio to ensure as many as 240 students receive a targeted, immersive, engaging and uninterrupted educational experience. Read more.




  • For books on Australia (plus all other countries) that cover the geography, people, culture, government, economy, communications, and transportation, military and transnational issues, Visit this site




  • Distance Learning Courses in Australia - We believe there is no better way for potential students to find education and training. It is simple really: there are plenty of institutions that offer fantastic courses in fantastic settings, but sadly, many students are not aware of them. Our job at Study Now is to bring these two groups together while leveling the playing field between government and private institutions. We give students the chance to research and browse courses from a range of institutions in a range of locations and settings previously unknown to the candidate. Students can select from classroom courses, Online Courses and Correspondence Courses to name a few. Visit this site.






  • Distance Learning & Quality Home Study Courses for Australian Students - These courses sponsored by Delamere Education are offered with professional tutors. The courses include television, journalism, photography, bookkeeping, travel consulting, airline reservations, share trading, graphic design, training and assessment, children's writing, editing and proofreading, novel writing, creative writing, travel journalism, sports journalism, and more. Browse the catalog of courses available. Australian College - Leaders in correspondence education




  • How to Obtain a Legally Recognized Degree Based on Your Life/Work Experience or Prior Study - There are times in life, when because of circumstances you are overlooked for employment or promotion opportunities, yet you have the experience of life or skills, but are just lacking that 'piece of paper.' We have on occasions recommended to our clients, using this entirely legal and accredited way of obtaining an "Instant Degree" from a recognized institute operating a legally recognized tertiary education. Many are now holding senior positions in government and private companies. Read more, especially the FAQ on Instantdegrees.com




  • Education Opportunities in Commonwealth Countries -The British Council connects people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and builds lasting relationships between the UK and other countries. If you wish to study or teach in any of the Commonwealth countries, contact us,


General & Shopping




  • Shopping for antiques, collectibles and replicas - Whether it's decorating, collecting or simply enjoying the charm of yesteryear or by gone treasures, Vintage Shopper features only the highest quality antiques, collectibles and replicas. These are some of the best prices we have found on the Internet. Unique Gifts, Vintage Collectibles and Home Decor!







  • Enjoy shopping for health and beauty products, which include skin care, body care, make-up, hair care, wigs, perfumes, fragrances, nails, bath & body, weight loss programs, and more. Visit our web site at Professional Beauty Products




  • Investing in Property in Australia - Property has always proved to be a sound long-term investment and the Australian market, especially the commercial area is proving to be a lucrative investment. Our partner in Australia are leading consultants in this field and are currently offering a FREE Monthly Bulletin, plus FREE advice on the best ways to purchase commercial properties to maximize your return, the right time to buy and sell, plus many more excellent tips. This is an excellent source of information and is used by many of our clients. Click here for more details



  • To shop or buy Australian products and services, visit the SANZA Shop















  • Hardware and Software for our clients in Australia - I-Tech Australia's Premier Computer Hardware Store. They supply a large range of Computer Hardware and Software in Australia and cater all computer hardware needs for individual and business clients. I-Tech




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