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Education: Distance, Online and e-Learning is now a major avenue of study, as the power of the Internet gives access to international sources of learning, no matter where you live. The launch of the Delamere Institute of Online Learning makes available over 950 online courses, which enables you, the student, to study for a new career, learn a new skill, or simply change direction or gain additional qualifications and skills in your existing career, leading to promotion. Many of our students find the convenience of online learning a great help, as it eliminates being tied down to the fixed schedules of attending classes. To review the list of online courses now available, and to find out if you are suited for studying online, visit the link "Are You Ready to Take an Online Course? Self Assessment Test." click here


Easy Way How to Obtain a Legally Recognized Degree - Based on Your Life/Work Experience or Prior Study by using this entirely legal and accredited way of obtaining an "Instant Degree" from a recognized institute operating a legally recognized tertiary education. Click here

Global Trade - Will the "African Growth and Opportunities Act" (AGOP) HR434, now dubbed the 'NAFTA for Africa Act' passed by the 105th US Congress; help and support in the development of sub Sahara Africa, or prove to be a hindrance and become a "lame duck"? Visit our page which explains the thrust of the campaign to expand the "African Growth and Opportunities Act" (AGOP) with the objective of helping the citizens of Africa. click here

Immigration to the USA and the "Green Card Lottery" - Delamere-Pennine Associates have recently introduced an USA Immigration Service to our clients in order to assist with the numerous enquiries regarding the process of emigrating into the United States and Canada. This service includes preparing and submitting the required documentation to satisfy the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) (Formerly Immigration & Naturalization Services-INS) of the US Government with regard to entering your name (and family) into the "Green Card Lottery" each year. One of our Senior Partners visits Nairobi, Kenya and Cape Town, South Africa, each year and will be available for free, informal, without obligation, interviews. We also list other USA Immigration Services, resources, visas and work permits. For full details of this programme plus other immigration details for other countries, visit Delamere Immigration Services.


New Campaign to Help the World's Homeless - One of our staff members is currently correlating information on projects and initiatives, which are being developed to assist in providing adequate housing for the world's homeless. If you have knowledge of any such projects, large or small, please click here


Do you read a text from the Koran or the Bible or simply meditate on your blessings in life? Do you focus on what good you can accomplish during this day to assist and promote the welfare of your fellow man? One member of our staff has recently tried and benefited from the therapeutic input of looking at the Cosmos photographs released by NASA. Each day an image or photograph of our fascinating Universe is featured along with a brief explanation. Each day we need a dose of daily perspective. Click Here


Do you need live help and advice on business, computing, investing, career, family, health plus other relevant subjects? Our partner supplies an immediate connection with a qualified advisor to answer and advise on your urgent questions, related to the subject at hand. Over 3 million registered users now use this service. Click here


How to Increase your communication skills and use our word of the day. Click here


"The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest." ~ Hugh Cholmondeley (1811-1887) of Vale Royal Abbey, Cheshire, 2nd Lord Delamere


Submit your online Press Release to 7,000 media sources, for a nominal cost. For more details, click here. Or visit Delamere Media.

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