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  • Your business exists usually to make a profit, and profits are expressed in terms of money and finance. Your finances should be of a daily concern, in order to make money, you need to use money in your transactions day by day. This calls for the management of money and sound financial management has the following aims.
    • That you have enough money at all times to carry on your business.
    • To ensure that the money you use is obtained and administered at the lowest cost and with cost saving methods fully employed.
    • And to ensure that your funds enjoy maximum protection against theft, fraud, default and the paying of unnecessary taxes.
  • For a detailed list of tax and financial services, which meet the above criteria, and are specifically geared to improve efficiency in the use of your finances click here. Also for the latest breaking news related to international tax issues, offshore, forex and economic news. Read more


Legal Services

  • One of the downside aspects of operating your own successful business is that on occasions one has to make use of the legal profession. Despite what George Bernard Shaw once quipped, "All professions are conspiracies against the laity." The importance of using only those legal services, which are cost effective, and at the same time being efficient enough to handle the legal matters involved with the day to day operating of your business, is a major consideration.
  • We have researched and selected those online legal services, which have been found to be successful by our clients, but at the same time recognize that there will be at times the need to make a face-to-face arrangements and consultation with your local attorney. For a detailed list of legal services, which meet the above criteria, and are specifically geared to improve efficient management of your business click here
  • If you are looking for legal services related to obtaining immigration and residence in the USA or Canada, either as a business owner, investor or seeking a work permit, click here
  • If you are considering selling or buying a business or franchise click here

Staff Efficiency Services

  • Staffing and staff efficiency is finding the right person for the job but also having the right tools for use and be trained in using them correcting. The importance of recruiting, selection and training of staff members, and the development of loyalty and morale calls for direction and training at a superior level. You should aim for the following goals.
    • You should attempt to match every employee as close as possible to his job and type of work.
    • You should create an environment in which the employee can do his work fast and efficiently with the right tools being available for their use.
    • Design and provide efficient business tools and employment conditions that encourage loyalty and satisfaction by your staff.
  • For a detailed list of business services, which meet the above criteria, and are specifically geared to improve staff efficiency click here


Office Efficiency Services

  • As a business owner we should try to perform all functions in the office or workshop with the maximum of speed and the minimum of error. This means that you have to plan and programme your working conditions and tools, and simplify your processes. The benefits will be.
    • Workers will have a higher morale, and will work faster and better.
    • Your office and equipment will look cleaner, last longer and operate more efficiently.
    • Your dynamic image will attract customers, retain employees, and impress your creditors.
  • For a detailed list of business services, which meet the above criteria, and are specifically geared to improve office efficiency click here


Corporate Gifts

  • If you are specifically looking for a gift or item which would be suitable for a business colleague, staff member, or office decoration, we have listed those products and services which we have tested, find reliable and of excellent quality. These include, business gifts, art, wines, jewelry, plus more. Click here


Market Research


  • Resources for Business & Market Research - See also our page that covers resources for research and sources for books related to business, finance and related topics. Click here.

  • Delamere Marketing & Communications Services - Due to increasing demand for market research, preparation of press releases for small to medium size businesses, Delamere-Pennine Associates, Marketing Division, offers a high quality press release distribution service now available for an affordable price. We also provide multimedia solutions distributing audio, video and photos submitted with the news releases. Please visit the Delamere Marketing and Communications website for a closer look at our services, clients, and resources offered.


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