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  • Read this report about the difference between Technical Analysis (charts) or just using the Fundamentals when buying and selling shares? There is some wisdom and merit by hitting a balance between the two. Read more.

  • A word of warning we give to all our clients when we are appointed to act as their consultants. George Soros once said, "Existing theories about the behavior of stock prices are remarkably inadequate". The major reason is that while fundamentals and technical indicators (price and volume changes, moving averages, graphs, etc.) can be easily measured, the current psychological state of investors is difficult to figure out." We agree with this opinion.

  • TradeTrakker Portfolio Management – This software is an easy-to-use, yet powerful financial portfolio management application. Whether you are new to investing or an experienced trader, TradeTrakker will help you monitor and analyze your stock and mutual fund positions, providing powerful insight into how well your investments are performing. TradeTrakker is the ideal way for investors all over the world to keep track of their investment accounts and analyze their performance. This product is available by electronic download only. Buy TradeTrakker

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  • Gold & Stock Market Investors Membership Site - Wallstreetwindow is an online community of independent investors, analysts and newsletter writers helping each other succeed in today's financial markets with over 50,000 opt-in email subscribers and 100,000 visitors and 250,000 page views a month. Wallstreetwindow provides its readers with free articles on breaking financial news, unique perspectives on the financial markets, educational trading courses, podcasts interview with leaders in the trading world, and premium investment advisory services. Read more.



  • Market Data Analysis Software - FairBot is state of the art Windows software which provides an enhanced betting interface to the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair. Professional Traders use FairBot because it's profitable. The real time displays of sophisticated market data analysis, the high profit potential of betting in multiple markets with the Market Watch List, the ladder interface, and Advanced Charting all give betting professionals a clear edge in making more profitable bets and trades. FairBot's betting and trading controls like conditional betting stop loss, greening up, and "fill or kill" make "complex" trades fool proof. Read more.



  • How to Analyze Charts - InTheMoneyStocks.com was established in 2007 with the goal of helping average investors compete and beat the Wall Street elite. Founders, Gareth Soloway and Nicholas Santiago spent years (prior to launch) developing the PPT Methodology, a simple way to analyze charts, stocks, commodities, forex, etc. You will be successful in finding the next directional move with a proven 82% success rate (94% for day trading). InTheMoneyStocks

  • Professional Day Trading - Our DayTraderPro Live Trading Room is one of the most effective ways of learning and growing as a day trader. You will have access to an invaluable resource; Professionals. Our pro traders walk you through their trades and offer insight into how they use logical technical analysis to anticipate the markets future trend – and it’s all LIVE! Day Trading Mentorship With Real Pros

  • News on Chart (News Calendar) - This software is a helpful tool for traders that displays economic news on MT4 chart. And automatically updates every economic news item in Real time with detailed information from several online data sources. Note: Formally it’s Expert Advisor. But it works also as info-indicator. MT4 NewsCalendar tool

  • Javascript Charts for Serious Investors - VanCharts is a library for making visual charts. It supports data display in the web (JavaScript) and mobile terminals (Android native/iOS native/Webview) and provides various types of common commercial charts. Interaction of aided analysis available, including chart drill down, hyperlink, switch, linkage, dynamic data refresh, scaling, warning line, trend line and data sheet. With VanCharts, we bring secondary analysis to users in addition to the display function. Vancharts__Single Developer



  • Software to Track Your Investment Portfolio - This is powerful software to help you with your investments. Try our software, free, for 30-days. No credit-card or email required. Just download, install and run. We are not investment bankers, analysts or penny stock gurus. You won't find investment advice, company analysis or stock ratings on this site. What you will find here are tools that can help you make the most of your time and money. Read more.



  • Using a Trading Performance Recorder - TradingDiary Pro is a user-friendly trading performance recorder with one-click import support, a wide range of configurations, useful statistics and practical reports. The clear visual charts will help you to understand the true human nature of trading, avoid repeatedly making the same mistake, and control your behavior. Before buying the software you can try if it meets all your requirements. The trial version is valid for 30 days and holds every feature as the original one except exporting from Capital Gains report. Simply download the latest version from the Software page and after installation follow the initial wizard or click on the help/start trial menu. TradingDiary Pro

  • OptionFair – Our company is dedicated to one primary goal: providing traders with the ability to trade by investing in a variety of assets. Binary options trading on OptionFair is suitable for both the experienced investor as well as the novice trader with a user-friendly trading platform. Investors understand the importance of this transparency and thus, the clarity of OptionFair’s financial reporting makes them one of the most trusted trading partners in the industry. Read more.




  • How to Master the Stock Market - Master the Stock Market with practice is a stock trading interactive course that allows you to practice each concept that you will learn through exercises and real cases. This course gathers and summarizes the investment strategies of the best investors in history, those who have proven to be successful and have made returns on their capital. We have used the teachings of illustrious traders such as John J. Murphy, Martin Zweig, Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet, as well as figures like William O'Neil and Benjamin Graham, pioneers of the fundamental analysis. You will never get lost in the vast literature currently available and you will accelerate your learning curve to rapidly to become capable of managing an investment portfolio. This is an ideal course to begin learning about the stock market, the financial markets as well as technical analysis and chart analysis. After completing this course you will be able to apply the different investment strategies that we will present in detail lesson to lesson. Master The Stock Market with Practice





  • Master Trading Psychology - Have you ever wondered how ordinary people manage to trade at seemingly extraordinary levels? Why do some traders succeed whereas others fail given the exact same trading strategy? What do the winners KNOW that's different? What do the winners DO that's different? It really boils down to some simple rules, and they will all be revealed to you in this concise and powerful course! If you are looking to improve your trading, if you want to improve your profitability, if you want to take your trading to the next level, this course is absolutely for you. Just listen as you get a map for building a powerful trader mindset which also helps navigate the minefield of common pitfalls. No empty promises, no grandiose overnight rags-to-riches tales, no disappointments, just a simple and easy to understand roadmap of to get your trader psychology on the winning side of a profitable plan. This course is not about strategy creation, developing a plan from scratch or a beginners guide to trading. Students looking for that should not enroll in this particular course. This course is about addressing the psychological considerations in trading which only happen once a trader has started trading. TRADING PSYCHOLOGY: Trading Mindset Mastery



  • The Main Steps to Become a Winner in Stock Investing - This course covers 5 major aspects of stock investing. It aims to help students in individual stock selection and evaluation as well as to uncover the market leaders of the industry. The course further covers the risk management and stock portfolio optimization as we build our stock portfolio. The course also covers market and investing psychology to enable students to understand and appreciate the reality of the stock market, This course is conducted mainly in screencast videos. An exercise or an activity will be given at the end of each section to enable students understand the course contents for each section. The main objective of the course is to help students achieve cutting edge knowledge to becoming stock market winners. Five steps to becoming a winner in stock investing




  • Online Trading Brokerage - NSFX was founded by a group of professionals in the financial industry with a clear vision of creating a regulated online trading brokerage that would provide investment services to all types of traders and institutions, globally. The company's technological infrastructure was built with a deep understanding of trader’s ongoing needs. Combined with strong connections within the banking system and with liquidity providers, NSFX offers one of the best trading experiences in the market today. Click here.



  • How to Harness the Power of Growth Stocks -The late Benjamin Graham had a greater influence on the way stocks are analyzed, bought and sold than any other investor in the history of the stock market. While he has been referred to as the “Dean of Wall Street,” the “Father of Value Investing” and the “Father of Security Analysis,” all you really need to know about Graham is that he was the lifelong mentor of Warren Buffett. Buffet studied under Graham at Columbia University, then worked for him for two decades before striking out on his own to build his Berkshire Hathaway investment empire. In 1962, Graham laid out a brilliant and unprecedented concrete formula and strategy for investing in growth stocks in his book, Security Analysis. That chapter disappeared in later editions of the book, but money manager Fredrick Martin, has used Graham’s formula and strategy in buying stocks with great success, earning an average annual return of more than 16 percent over a 30-year period. In Martin’s recent book, Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks (fair disclosure: the course instructor had the privilege of helping to write and edit the book), Martin laid out Graham’s formula and the techniques Martin used to build his portfolio. This Stock Trading Course will help you incorporate Graham’s and Martin’s investment formulas and strategies to help you build a potent portfolio of long-term growth stocks aimed at helping you beat the market and prepare for a secure retirement.  The “Stock Trading Course: Growth Stocks” course includes nearly 90 minutes of lecture with more than 50 slides designed to simplify the investment process. Harnessing the Power of Growth Stocks



  • New Value Investing, How to Apply Behavioral Finance to Stock Valuation Techniques and Build a Winning Portfolio (New Release from the Delamere International Shop) The aim of value investing is to identify stocks that are undervalued and which can be expected to produce an above average return in the future. And the message from the history of investing is clear: if you successfully pursue a value investing strategy over the long term, you will earn an above average return on your portfolio. The goal of The New Value Investing is to help you identify undervalued stocks and teach you how to build your own successful value investing portfolio. Added to this, it is important to understand that value investing is inextricably linked with behavioral finance, and research advances in this area in recent years strengthen the case for value investing. The author explains how stock prices are determined by emotional crowds, how this leads to mispriced stocks and opportunities for the value investor, and how you can harness the insights of behavioral finance to improve your value investing approach. As you work through this book, the author shows how to follow the path from analysis of the economy, to the industry, to company financial statements, to creating a value range for a company's stock. The New Value Investing: How to Apply Behavioral Finance to Stock Valuation Techniques and Build a Winning Portfolio




  • Vault Options – This form of investing is the most professional and objective platform for trading Digital Options online. Digital (or Binary) Options are the fastest and most efficient way to convert your financial decisions into substantial profits. Digital Options are a new and popular financial tool with many inherent advantages, and Vault Options unique offering enables traders to receive significant and predetermined payouts (68%-75%), and to minimize loss when being off-target (by retaining 5%-10% of the original investment.  Read more.



  • Trading Binary Options Online - Traderush is the most professional and objective platform for trading Binary Options online. As pioneers and ongoing leaders in the industry, our platform continues to be the first choice for traders who are looking for the simplest, fastest and most user-friendly way to trade financial markets online. Traderush has a wide array of assets to trade from, and offers unique features and tools that give traders all the opportunities to maximize their profits. Read more.



  • Online Trading System - TradeStation has been the industry’s leading online trading, brokerage, and trading software for over 10 years and has repeatedly been rated the best online brokerage. We offer sophisticated analysis capabilities for every level of trader and the ability to back-test and paper-trade your ideas before you risk a cent. TradeStation Trade with the online broker ranked best by Barron's


  • Binary Options Trading - Binary21 is a one of its kind binary options trading company that provides top-notch brokerage services to both individual and corporate clients from all over the world. Founded in 2011, Binary21 has revolutionized the binary options trading industry by making trading fairer, convenient, and more secure using the latest and most advanced technological achievements.  The key to binary options trading lies in the availability of various modes of trading to the trader and Binary21 provides High/Low, Range and One-Touch trading options. A maximum investment return of 89% is possible on Binary21’s trading platform if the chosen option expires ‘in the money’ within the pre-defined time period. Binary21 processes fast transactions and a typical transaction can take as little as just 15 minutes. Click here.

  • GT Options – We offer an international binary options trading platform that was founded in 2011 by financial banking veterans and financial market professionals. The team behind gtoptions.com put honesty, integrity and technology as its three core values. Our services are second to none, as we strive to offer traders the ability to trade currencies, commodities, stocks and indices on our trading platform with the best market conditions. The absence of trading commission allows you to maximise your binary options trading experience with us. Read more




  • Definitive Guide to Swing Trading Stocks - In the swing trading course you are about to discover, you will learn the most effective swing trading methods and techniques. You will learn how to identify the best stocks to watch for swing trading, how best to place entry/exit orders for the best executions, plus much more. Read the full list of skills you will learn in swing trading stocks and shares. Click here!


  • Learn How To Use Investing Strategies - The Delamere Group provides short term and long term Investing Strategies designed for investors with different levels of investing experience. We also provide Daily and Weekly ETF Signals and Stock Market Timing Services. Investors can also sign up for our Free Weekly Market Newsletter and request a Free 2 Week Trial of our service. Click here.


Technical Analysis Tools

  • One of the most powerful investment tools we have researched - This service provider "Trade Trek" has stock analysis tools and real-time trading strategies for the serious on-line investors. The "Day-Trading Center" features the 'top four' most effective day-trading technical analysis tools used today, which have proved to be very successful. Try out the 'Stock Quote Feature,' which is part of the FREE "Basic User Program" and use the "comments on stocks", "fundamentals" and "forecasts" sections. This is an excellent free service, and allows you to chose the package, which suits your investment planning and strategies by upgrading to the more sophisticated programs for a small monthly charge. Tradetrek.com-Wall Street tools made easy for EVERYONE


  • MQL4 & Trading Robot Coding in Metatrader4 - Especially in automated forex trading one question comes up very often: What if? What if one could find a system that would be trading dependable and automated? What if one could reveal a working trade logic without future prediction? The one thing that I am most excited about in MQL4 is the opportunity to do a backtest again and again - with the exact same historical data - changing one little thing in the settings each time. That makes it possible to find out if and what changes in a short time span. And you can make the right adjustments in your system afterwards. Let's assume for example we would train our automated trading system to close a trade when the profit is equal or higher than $2. How would it change or improve the end result on a yearly basis if we change that take profit goal to $5?  What would happen if we chose 50 Cent instead of $2? Would we have the same profits in a shorter time span or would we only achieve 25 percent in the same time? What takes months in real live can be calculated in MQL4 within minutes. There is a saying, time is money and in this case both is true, because we can save lots of time to get those insights and that will save us lots of money in the long run. Discretionary traders do not have this advantage. They have to trade many years to get the same insights that an MQL4 system can spit out within an afternoon. A lot of ordinary traders might not trust automated trading systems, but every successful trader must admit that one fact is true: Nothing can replace one’s own experience. MQL4 Tutorial Bootcamp - Trading Robot Coding in Metatrader4

  • The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics - This book is a thorough trading guide from a professional trader. The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics can help the new individual investor understand the mechanics of the markets. Filled with in--depth insights and practical advice, this book details what it takes to trade and shows readers how they can broaden their horizons by investing in the futures and options markets. The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics outlines a variety of proven methodologies--pivot points, candlesticks, and other top indicators--so readers may use those that work best for them as well as make their own trading decisions without a second thought. Check out this book from the Delamere International Bookshop. A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics: How to Profit Using Pivot Points, Candlesticks & Other Indicators


  • Traders Toolbox - This excellent service is an educational resource for active stock traders. We offer two educational courses, which teach students how to trade stocks profitably - one for beginners, and one for intermediate to advanced traders. We also offer two monthly subscription services, which provide members with daily stock alerts, watch lists, and market analysis. Traders Toolbox

Learn to Trade Stocks



  • Stock & Commodity Trading - Learn to use the techniques used to "trade price and time". Most traders are only aware of calculating potential reversal points using price, but few individuals trade when price and time meet. Two of the best techniques for trading price and time are Fibonacci and the Gann "Square of Nine". By using these techniques you will learn how to be a successful trader, because they are easy to understand and apply as they are based on sound mathematical formulas, they can be easily applied and do not require any knowledge of how indicators work. Neither do you need to apply fundamental market data to a market. Click here.


  • Spread Betting Techniques - Spread betting expert and bestselling author Malcolm Pryor takes viewers through every stage of successfully setting up and executing three brand new spread betting strategies. Each with a thoroughly demonstrated edge, they work on all time frames and are suitable for traders of all levels of experience. You can use them to start banking profits right away. A two-hour DVD with accompanying workbook, this is the most comprehensive one-on-one spread betting training course available. Pryor unveils the details of three strategies, both trend-following and counter-trend, with a blend of in-chart demonstration and to-camera presentation. Check out our book, Systems Trading for Spread Betting: An end-to-end guide for developing spread betting systems


  • Successful Penny Stock Trading - This means buying low and selling high before the market turns. You need to know when a stock is going to start gaining momentum, when the momentum is building, when it's cooking, when it's peaking and when it is about to lose momentum. The trick is to buy these stocks when the momentum starts then sell them when the momentum is almost over. Click Here!


  • Speed Trader Investing Tool - SpeedTrader offers on-line access to trade equity, options, futures and forex. We offer traders and investors the tools they need to meet the challenges of the markets. SpeedTrader, a powerful day trading platform complete accurate real-time data, technical analysis, market tracking and instant updates.Check out this great site, SpeedTrader


  • Definitive Guide to Darvas Trading - In this truly a one-of-kind, packed-to-the-rim course, I reveal the precise steps you must take to trade the Darvas box method. Every last step is explained for you in full detail. Nothing is omitted, nothing is left to guess-work and nothing else is needed to hold it all together. This course truly is the definitive guide to Darvas trading. Click Here!


  • How to Trade on the Stock Market - The theory behind the system is that, there is a rotational, repeating cycle in the movement of the market prices. This is much like that of the waves of the ocean, where the waves react in relation to the invisible undercurrents of the ocean. These cycles keep repeating itself again and again with a time frame of not longer than 2 months for each cycle (from experience). This eBook is written by a Professional Trader for serious traders like you. Click Here


  • Stop and Make Money: How to Profit in the Stock Market Using Volume and Stop Orders - Acclaimed stock market analyst Tony Loton presents a practical, hands-on explanation of how he trades stocks. Using the methods that he has pioneered, along with other technical tools, Loton will show how to identify stocks that are beginning to gather momentum; establish precise entry and exit points; and manage the trade to maximize profits. Geared for active stock traders, the method generally calls for holding stocks for a few days to two or three weeks. But unlike similar approaches, it does not require constant monitoring of the market, special software, or extensive analysis. The method is simple, efficient, and easy-to-learn. A trader can put in his/her orders with a broker and simply walk away. With the right approach, Loton emphasizes that stock trading can be fun and exciting. And he shows how to make the less enjoyable part of trading -- money management -- simple and automatic. Loton has successfully traded stocks for over 40 years, and this book digests his methods into a simple and practical approach that traders can expect to generate annual returns of about 30%. Read Stop Orders: A practical guide to using stop orders for traders and investors

  • Candlestick Charts (An introduction to using candlestick charts) - The aim of this book is to introduce candlestick analysis to anyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced market professional. The text is written so as to be simple enough for someone new to the topic, but should not exclude those with more experience. The author's aim is to change the simple viewing of a candlestick chart into a search for the answer to the perennial question: "Who's controlling the market; the Bulls or the Bears?" Candlesticks are a fantastic way of getting a clear idea of market direction, and any changes that may be taking place in price trends. Visit the Delamere International Bookshop and read this great book, Candlestick Charting Explained: Timeless Techniques for Trading Stocks and Futures


  • Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts - This is a comprehensive guide to candlestick patterns created by an expert in the field. Candlestick patterns are footprints of the smart money, and deciphering those footprints properly can bring traders and investors riches. Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts takes an in-depth look at 103 candlesticks, from identification guidelines and statistical analysis of their behavior to detailed trading tactics. This is the first book ever to combine a comprehensive list of candlesticks with a statistical review of their performance. This easy-to-read and -use reference book follows the same format as the bestselling Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, and is sure to spark debate among candlestick users and non-users alike. Visit the Delamere International Bookshop and check out this boo, Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts

  • A new tool that helps traders and investors - This tool finds profitable trading opportunities in stocks, futures, precious metals, mutual funds and foreign exchange. Joining the Market Club shows investors how to improve their trading results using professional approaches to the markets. MarketClub "for Smart Traders" is a robust web application that both beginner and experienced traders alike can benefit from to manage their trading capital. Many of the powerful features available to MarketClub members were once the domain of professional traders. One of MarketClub's strongest features is spotting big moves while curtailing loses using its proprietary 'Giant Footprint" technology, a first for the web. Read more on how this Watch winning trading DVDs that can make you rich? Click Here

    • Also check this NEW futures advisory service now available by subscription. Enquire for the special rates for clients of the Delamere Group, read about how to pick WINNING Futures... Click to see video

  • Ichimoku Charts: An introduction to Ichimoku Kinko Clouds - This new book covers Candlestick charts, and although originating in Japan, now play an important role in technical analysis worldwide. Now, for the first time in English, this book presents the next stage of candlestick analysis - Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. Sometimes called Cloud Charts, this analysis adds moving averages to candlestick charts. But moving averages a little different from those traditionally used in the West. For trending markets, Cloud Charts add an essential tool for analysing near-term areas of support and resistance. Ichimoku Charts: An introduction to Ichimoku Kinko Clouds (Harriman Trading)

  • Software for Investing & Investment Training - The Delamere Group and the Sharemarket Institute provides market leading training, software and data services to private investors in stocks, future and currencies access to streaming data from 36 global markets with our specialist software. As many successful traders will tell you, some of the best performing investment opportunities are in offshore markets. So, follow the smart money with access to streaming data from 36 global markets, news, company financials and announcements from Reuters. Read more.


  • Momentum Indicators - Vector2000, Stock Movement and Market Trend Analysis incorporating Adaptive Algorithm Technology, offers a group of advanced and highly effective investment tools providing clear Momentum indication for both day trading and short term investing. This investment tool is highly recommended and used by our successful clients. The Definitive Guide to Momentum Indicators


  • Free streaming stock prices - ADVFN is the one of the world's largest stocks and shares websites. Offering the private investor FREE streaming prices from NASDAQ, NYSE, Dow Jones and many more indices from around the world. Sign up for free. ADVFN offer FREE streaming stocks and shares data from around the world. SEE MORE


  • New Forex Training Available - This new Forex Course teaches the same system used by banks, financial institutions and professional Forex traders alike to trade currencies on the foreign exchange. The Peter Bainís Video ForEx Trading Course video course is a complete trading solution and is packed with 6 hours of live instructions on DVDs, plus an additional 6 hours of instruction on CDs, a 150 page "Trade Currencies the Way the Big Dogs Do" User's Manual and 1 year access to the Forexmentor Membership website. For more details visit Forexmentor.com

Fast Track To Forex by Frank Paul is a step-by-step comprehensive video guide that takes you through the essential elements of forex trading.


  • Elliott Wave International - Using the "Elliott Wave" technical analysis method is recognized as one of the most accurate investment forecasting tools used by savvy investors on the world's stock markets. This service offered by our partners "Elliott Wave International" now offers coverage for the US, International and Futures markets, for almost every time frame, and provides workshops, videos, special reports and books, which in turn will help to make you an expert in this field of technical analysis. Our clients who have used this service are making handsome profits from their investments. Read more.


  • Register for your free trial to SimulTrader - SimulTrader is an online educational trading system based on Elliott Wave theory. Learn through the online tutorial, plus you will receive 2 or 3 email updates every week with practical real life examples. This proven system has consistently beaten the market. For a FREE trial, no purchase required, visit our online bookstore, the Delamere International Bookshop.


  • We are currently offering free of charge, a downloadable copy of the e-book "Technical Market Indicators," which has been prepared by one of our associates on Wall Street. This book contains a wealth of information on how to use charts for trading and investors interested in technical analysis. The size of the e-book in PDF is 1050KB. Please contact us for a link to the secure source to download this e-book.


  • Day Trading on NASDAQ - This is a complete course in day trading the stock market for regular profits. The course is suitable both for novices and those with previous trading experience alike. All four volumes of the course are available for instant download. Click Here!


  • New Book Release " How I Trade for a Living" by Gary Smith - The dream of many traders and active investors is to be able to successfully trade from home and make a living at it. While publications exist which cover trading strategies by analysts, fund managers, and pundits, there is virtually nothing available by someone who is trading from home successfully. "How I Trade for a Living" is a trading strategy by someone who has been trading from home profitably for over fifteen years. Gary Smith, a well-known and lauded member in the trading community, explains what it takes to be a home-based trader, from the mental grit to the basic hardware. He outlines his profitable trading strategies, which can be utilised for trading in individual stocks, options and bonds, and shows exactly how he uses them to trade stock index futures and mutual funds. This excellent and very popular book is available from our bookshop, How I Trade for a Living


  • Using the Fibonacci Software - Fibonacci is a wealth of visual tools that can be used either individually or in combination to demystify behavior of elusive price bars. It is also a process that eliminates emotional element from a decision making process because by being a Fibonacci trader you analyze historical data, you follow a ticker, and you make an unemotional decision to buy or sell. You are welcome to try a demo version of this powerful software and also read this excellent manual, Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage



Fundamental Analysis Tools


  • Mining Investments - You weren't around for the Klondike or the Cariboo Gold Rush, but as the market tries to find a bottom in these times of financial crisis, there is no reason for you to miss the next RUSH on METALS and perhaps the buying opportunity of a life time. The commodity bull market that started in 2000 will regain course, and unlike the dotcom boom that was based primarily on hype, the mining industry has strong fundamentals that are expected to continue. Download a copy of our e-book, Click Here!


  • Commodities & Futures Trading - Our investment partner broadcasts live signals on the SP 500 E mini signals and publishes nightly swing trading signals on the US Futures and Commodities Markets. Plus each week provides a free market sentiment and daily technical commentary to traders anywhere in the world. Request a free trial of the "Live Day Trading Signals" or "Swing Trading Signals" or "BOA (Bishop Options Advisory) Futures Trading." Click Here


  • E-Book: Option Secrets - This excellent investment guide related to trading in 'stock and commodity options' tells you, What you should look for before buying or selling an option, The different techniques used by experienced option traders, New and successful techniques now being developed and used with many other option trading ideas. For a review of this e-book, Click Here!



Other Useful Investment Tools



  • Business Research & Company Information - The Delamere Group uses Hoover's, which is your premier source of business information. Providing comprehensive, up-to-date information through a global database of more than 21 million companies, 28 million decision makers, 600 industries, and a proprietary data collection process, Hoover's delivers the most reliable company information available. For accurate, relevant information that impacts each level of your business, you won't find a better resource than Hoover's. From Sales to HR, Procurement to Product Management, a Hoover's subscription saves your company invaluable time and provides insight to help reach organizational goals. Hoover’s reports give you vital information to evaluate opportunity and competition, define strategy, and prepare for sales calls - anytime, anywhere.


    • Understanding the Capital Markets - This course will give you a brief, but broad introduction of the capital markets, for example who are the primary participants, issuers, investors, intermediaries, what they trade in the capital markets, and both the applications to which market participants make use of the instruments, as well as give you a sense of the role that capital markets play in the operation of the economic system as well as the financial system. This course contains 21 lectures within 4 sections, including: Capital Markets Overview. Fixed Income Markets. Equity Markets. Currency and Derivatives Markets. Capital Market Road Mapc




    • The Sector Timing Report Newsletter - This is a monthly newsletter that provides rankings of the hottest performing stock market sectors and provides users with easy tools to construct a top performing investment portfolio that only requires 10 minutes per month to maintain. Users easily outperform the market without having to devote hours of their time to the process. Read more.


    • The South China Morning Post - The SCMP Group is a diversified media company whose principal operations include newspaper, magazine and book publishing; interactive products and services; video and film post production. The main purpose of its publishing business is to create, distribute and syndicate high-quality content focusing on Greater China and the Asian region. Read more.


    • Historical Market Research & Analysis - Our global financial market analysts perform the most complete and accurate historical market research in the world today. If you're seeking an advantage to secure your financial future, or desire financial breakthrough, you've come to a place like no other. Find out how our methods can improve your trading. Request our 44-page e-course free, covering strategies and methods to improve your trading. FREE Special Report


    • How to beat the odds when investing - This new book Beat the Odds, shows how an investor or portfolio manager can quickly generate estimates of risk and also selectively filter historical returns to find periods of historical return most similar to the current investing environment for a specific stock. The book also explains the forces that drive the variability in the stock market and how investors can understand historical relationships and use these relationships to generate higher returns relative to the risk in their portfolios. Click Here!


    • A complete educational resource for the individual investor - This service is offering unbiased investment advice, research and guidance to last a lifetime. InvestmentU.com features a free, twice-weekly investment email newsletter, full archive of back issues, white papers, special reports, and message board. Visit this site www.InvestmentU.com


    • Beginners guide to trading the financial markets - We are pleased to offer a new range of e-books which cover trading the forex markets, futures market and stock market trading. These guides are highly recommend for individuals who are keep to make money on the markets and are based on extensive research in tried and tested systems. For more details Click Here!


    • Trade Magazines. Free subscriptions are now available to professionals - No hidden or trial offers, and no purchase necessary. Publications are absolutely free to professionals who qualify. The Delamere Group has arranged an ongoing contract for our clients and site visitors (See News Release) to receive these free subscriptions to qualified individuals and companies. Browse through our extensive list of trade publications by industry, title, or geographic eligibility to find the titles that best match your skills and interests. Simply complete the application form and submit it. Many are available for international delivery. For more details on the over 300 magazines currently offered on a free subscription basis click here


    • The Motley Fool Newsletter - Try Stephen Bland's Motley Fool Value Investor free for 30 days. If, at any stage during your subscription you decide it's not for you, for whatever reason, you can cancel with no questions asked. Your Motley Fool Value Investor subscription will give you:
      • 13 monthly newsletters for the price of 12 - all posted directly to your home or office
      • Four value share picks each month, including one by the Motley Fool stock analyst, Maynard Paton.
      • Two free special reports - Stephen Bland's Unique Value Principles and the High Yield Portfolio Explained


    • Delamere Financial Education Center - Our financial training programs, sponsored by the Online Trading Academy, are geared toward individual investors, novice or experienced, who want to learn how to use the same tools and professional trading techniques as the professional traders on Wall Street. The courses and modules offered by our Online Trading Academy, cover both online and distance learning or at one of our training centers, (Los Angeles, New York, Dallas,TX, London, Dubai, UAE, plus other centers to be opened during the next few months contact us for opening dates for Johannesburg, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney and Hong Kong) and are designed to introduce you to the basic terminology and concepts you will need to become more successful as an investor or trader in stock, forex or commodities. To excel in this fascinating world of money, you need to continue to study and learn. For more details visit the Delamere Financial Education Center To attend one of our FREE workshops in your location, click here.


    • Take the Delamere Financial Education Center FREE course on stock market or forex trading - The course is a Macromedia Flash presentation complete with audio track. If you want to become a Successful, Professional Trader, then you must view this Free Web Class. There are seven specific and proven trading areas that need to be mastered to insure a trader's success. For more details click here. To attend one of our FREE workshops in your location, click here.

    • Stock Quote Downloader - We are pleased to recommend this specialized investment software, which we use ourselves. Downloads free historical stock quotes, mutual funds, corporate bonds, metals, in MetaStock compatible or spread-sheet format; works with most popular technical analysis software packages. Download stock quotes on major stock exchanges around the world FREE.
      • Compatible with MetaStock, Elliott Wave, Analyzer II, Gannalyst, TradeStation, Supercharts, Advanced GET, ElWave, Excel, and more...
      • Free 14-day trial period before you buy (full features on trial version). Enjoy free support, free upgrade or at discounted prices for major revisions.
      • Quick to set up. Easy to use. Almost no learning time.
      • Buy 1 Stock Quote Downloader: HSQuote V1.6

    Buy 1 Stock Quote Downloader: HSQuote V1


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