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  • Advanced Leadership - A company’s organizational structure has a significant impact on how well a company performs and how well its employees work together to achieve common goals. Employees who are excited about being at work each day tend to be more conscientious, yield higher quality work, have more momentum, and are less likely to allow themselves to become distracted. In this course, you will learn about the right ways to energize employees, how to build morale in the workplace and how to stimulate creativity and capitalize on employee energy to direct cultural change. Pushing for change can result in a more competitive organization. But change does not guarantee success and involves risk and cost. However, not doing anything can be risky and costly too. This course also addresses the importance of change and why it’s essential to speak up when you see something that can be done better or handled differently. Taking this course will allow you to look at your organization with new perspective and contemplate how it can become more competitive and grow in the marketplace. Advanced Leadership: Managing People, Knowledge and Change

  • Increase Your Productivity - The Checklist Notebook website is focused on products that increase productivity and simplifying complex decision making. Our main product is a simple checklist notebook designed to allow the user to simplify their workflow by focusing on a handful of tasks on a given day. Other products are gift products with motivational themes, these include mugs, phone cases, posters etc. The Checklist Notebook Company



  • Establish a Prestigious Business Presence Anywhere in the World - With Regus Virtual Office services, you can get your own business address with on-site mail handling and call-answering services that use your business name. All at affordable prices and without committing to renting any physical space! Ultimately, improving your brand image, helping you to get found online easily, and saving you time on administration so that you can focus on your business. Read more.



  • ClockIt-Online - This powerful software is the employee scheduling and time and attendance management solution giving autonomy to teams and overview to managers. Loosing track of who worked when, which shift, whether they started on time? How about leave requests?  How easy can you find who's on leave and how many hours someone worked yesterday?  ClockIt-Online helps you moving to a digital approach :: Share duty rosters, request and handle absence, punch clock in / out .. all accessible in seconds. ClockIt-Online :: Nano (4 to 10 members)



  • Kaplan IT Training - This education and training service offers the most realistic simulations of Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, CISSP, PMI, and Oracle certification exams. IT Professionals worldwide consistently name Kaplan IT Training exam simulations as the "Best Practice Exams." Kaplan IT Training even offers a Pass Guarantee. Try a free demo before you buy. Test our products now.

Prepare with the industry leader for IT certification


  • Exam Edge - Our service is an industry leader in preparing clients for their certification exams through the use of our proprietary online practice exams. Our practice exams are designed to feel like the real exams and give detailed explanations for every question once the exams have been completed.  We offer practice tests in 20 different industries including healthcare, nursing, teaching, and business, covered by over 1800 actual tests. Do you need to pass your certification exam You have found the right place for help. We offer Online practice exams in over 20 industries, healthcare, teaching, and international exams.

Exam Edge Home page



  • Regulatory Compliance Training - OnlineCompliancePanel is a dedicated team, who work in tandem with the latest US FDA regulations/regulatory compliance in creating training sessions suitable for individuals and corporations. These sessions are simple, interactive and cost effective. We are a predominantly web based information exchange forum. Our interactive training sessions could be beneficial to corporations thriving in industries such as pharmaceuticals, drugs and chemicals, FDA compliance, medical devices, packaging and labeling, food and beverages, banking and finance, audits and inspections, recalls and crisis management and many more. We emphasizes in offering regulatory compliance training to compliance professionals on varied topics. These primarily include risk management, quality management, corporate compliance and other regulatory compliances. Some of our primary areas of focus include advancement and updates in regulatory compliance, best practices, risk management and market trends. Read more.

Online Compliance Panel



  • Quickest Way to Legally Form Your Business - Incfile.com was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Houston, Texas. Since starting we have assisted more than 150,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners form their businesses. Our mission is it to provide a superior user experience at an unparalleled value. Incorporate your business for just $49! Plus State Filing Fees!




  • Best Way to Manage Employee Expenses - Bento provides smart business prepaid cards that can be controlled remotely through a phone, tablet, or computer and offers clients software and a card system that enables them to control exactly when, where, and how much employees can spend. Bento is a prepaid Mastercard® that’s easy to reload and control. Distribute to staff or contractors, or use as utility cards (without a person's name on the card) to manage specific projects or business expenses. Bento for Business, the best way to manage your employee expenses



  • Tony Robbins Books & Videos - Tony Robbins has dedicated his life to creating and implementing strategies for the extraordinary quality of life desired by individuals and organizations throughout the world. As the recognized leader in personal and professional training, Tony Robbins creates and simplifies the tools and resources that transform customers' lives. For more than three decades, Tony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world. He has produced the #1 personal and professional system of all time and has directly impacted the lives of over 50 million people from 100 countries, with his best-selling books and audiotape products, public speaking engagements, and live appearances. Tools to Make Money in Tough Economic Times

What's standing between you and success?



  • How to Achieve Success in Leadership & Management  -  Our  service offers a world renown, award winning membership association of senior executives in the HR space. Our service also provides unique online learning, benchmarking, and group learning combined with the ability for executive to market their success cases. Best Practice Institute (BPI) is an association of executives and expert pioneers in leadership and management who are dedicated to implementing best and next practices. BPI's online learning community is the culmination of five years of developing live and on-demand resources and tools for BPI members. BPI has more than 42,000 subscribers, and its corporate and individual members include executives and employees of more than half of the Fortune 500. Visit Best Practice Institute

  • Easy Project - This is a project management tool for anyone who wants to deliver projects on time, scope and budget. It includes features like WBS, Gantt Chart, Resource Management, Agile board and more. Easy Project always comes with professional implementation documentation, training and support. Visit Easy Project.



  • Reporting Tool, Client Billing & Invoicing -  actiTIME can be used to track time in a convenient, friendly-looking timesheet at the desk or on the go (iPhone, iPad). This tool provides dozens of reports in one click. Powerful reporting tool allows users to gather time and billing data in a number of custom reports guarantees 100% Accurate Client Billing & Invoicing by locking time-track once a timesheet is approved. This service also offers effective tools for work management. Task deadlines and estimates will help users’ team stick to the plan and deliver results on time. Free Time Tracker

Best Timesheet fr IT Teams

  • Human Resource Products (USA) - We offer hundreds of human resource products — from software to personnel forms to labor law posters. These products help organize and manage human resource functions, motivate employees and stay in compliance with state and federal labor laws. That's why "The Solution for Smart Employers" is more than a slogan with us. HRdirecthr



  • Learn the Skill of Touch Typing - Touch typing is the ability to use muscle memory to find keys fast, without using the sense of sight, and with all the available fingers, just like piano players do. It significantly improves typing speed and eliminates errors. Touch typing simply makes you more productive and it is a skill worth learning. Read more.

  • Employee Relations Skills - This course and business guide is designed to assist you, as an employee, or employer, to better understanding how to develop and maintain strong management and employee relations. The course will discuss both Union and Non Union environments, communicating with each other, setting goals, and basic negotiating tips. The student taking this course will have a better understanding of communications, the goals of management and the employee, the chain of communications, modern day thinking and basic negotiations. This course is narrated with power point presentation and should be taken by any employee, or new supervisor, as well as experienced supervisors for review. Employee Relations Skills



  • Evaluate Candidates, Applicant & Prospective Employees - Using our reliable and valid psychological tests assists you to do this in a skillful way. Especially in the past decade with the increase of the average educational level and the oversupply of candidates per professional category, the evaluation of elements such as the ones of: the contestant's emotional intelligence, personality, professional values, decision making ability, esprit de corps and motivation may guarantee success. With the aid of those tests the processes of both personnel recruitment and assessment are enriched in an organization and the company may overcome problems of false judgments, which often result from the Human Resources Manager's subjectivity or the use of non-standard tests. By using Testbiz, both companies and professionals will be able to use scientific tests without having to forbear the insufferable cost for acquiring literary property and also in an irreproachable, objective, manageable and effective way. Reliable, high-quality and valid psychometric evaluation tests for individuals and companies by iTestBiz.com.

Psychometrical Tests - www.itestbiz.com

  • Global Compliance with Quality & Safety – Our company is one of the largest training providers in the USA for the past 10 years. We organize industry expert-driven seminars / webinars for all industries in most major countries of the world. Enhancing global compliance, creating a world where quality and compliance professionals, regulators, and government agencies come together to help the world comply with the intent and the spirit of laws, policies and mandates, ensuring continuous improvement in global operations, quality & safety. Making sure that we are responsible corporate citizens helping our constituents build a more responsible enterprise, one which operates with high quality, under a code of ethics, and with process discipline to ensure greater shareholder returns. Keeping things simple and straight forward, so that we all can indeed improve the quality of our processes, our work and businesses and enhance our compliance globally. The Delamere Group promotes and endorses Compliance Online. Visit this site Complianceonline

  • Business Development Software for Starting & Managing a Small Business - The Delamere Group is now offering professional business development software to our clients: Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Employee Policies Handbook, HR Tracking System, Safety Plan, PR Templates, Sample Contracts, Stock Options... All proven successful over the past 18 years. These packages are perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants. Read more.

  • Safety Media - Health and safety training products including DVDs, e-learning, posters and booklets. Safety Media are World Class Health and Safety Training providers, specialising in E-Learning courseware, DVDs, Booklets, posters and training aids. The products have been used by some of the largest companies worldwide; creating a powerful, well-known brand in the industry. Safetymedia


  • Automated Proofreader & Grammar Checker - Grammarly is an automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. Using this powerful business tool, you can check your writing for grammar, punctuation, style and much more. Grammarly is trusted by 300,000+ students, and has been endorsed by hundreds of universities including Princeton University, University of South Florida, University of Virginia and many others. Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker

Free Check for Plagiarism



  • Motivational Material for Business & Living - One of the most respected individual writers of material, which helps you develop your confidence, personality and success in business and life in general, is Jim Rohn. Jim's company now distributes over 100 products, which are all useful in your goal of achieving success. Peruse the online catalog for a review of the videos, audios, books and other aids, plus read the FREE Newsletter. The Challenge to Succeed 4-CD Set by Jim Rohn Order this Jim Rohn classic 4-CD set today to save $20!

Visit JimRohn.com Today!



  • Improve Your English Language - Spellzone is an online English spelling course with hundreds of pages of teaching, spelling tests and games. Spellzone is written mainly with older students in mind such as teenagers and adults. The spelling course is used to teach and improve English spelling in schools, colleges and adult training centres and is suitable for helping students with dyslexia. It is also used to help teach English worldwide. Read more



  • Virtual Receptionist Services - GabbyVille provides virtual receptionists services that is more than answering phone calls. We do not believe in a one size fits all strategy to answering phones, we handle our customer's call with care, friendliness, charm, can-do attitude, and professionalism. Best of all, our customer callers will think our Receptionists work in their office. GabbyVille is the perfect Virtual Receptionist service provider for any small or medium size business that require to sound like a Fortune 500 Company without worrying about the headaches that come along with in hiring a Full Time In-House Receptionist. Try out a GabbyVille Receptionist FREE for 14 days!



  • Training Management Software - The most intuitive and easy to use Computerized Training Management Software (Employee Training Tracking Administration Software) on the Market! Deliver the most effective worker education experience possible. Buy Allena - Computerized Training Management System


  • Human Resources (HR) Business & Legal Reports - This service is a B2B subscription website owned by BLR (Business & Legal Reports), and has been in business for over 30 years. We provide State-specific (for all 50 states) HR Compliance and Training information to organizations. In addition, we offer a free 14 day trial for visitors. Our site is updated daily by our team of legal editors, journalists, and advisors so that HR departments and or organizations can make sure they can always stay in compliance with the laws. We offer all the tools and resources a company would need for their HR department or for the person who assumes their HR role. From prewritten training presentations for their employees, to checklists, forms, sample policies, legal analysis, and they can even submit questions to our HR legal team to receive personalized answers. Instant Access to 100’s of HR Resources and Tools


  • Motivational & Business Seminars on DVD - The Delamere Group are promoting these excellent DVDs presenting business seminars for management and staff. Produced with high-tech, multi-camera video teams and top notch editing studios, each Seminar on DVD is a broadcast quality learning tool that's perfect for everything from an individual viewing on a computer or television, to a large conference facility with big screen projection equipment for dozens, if not hundreds, of people. Companies and organizations in a wide variety of industries are saving thousands by utilizing Seminars on DVD in place of live seminars. Now, they can train and motivate their entire staff for less than the cost of a single seminar ticket. With topics on boosting sales, increasing productivity, motivating employees, outsmarting the competition, serving customers at higher levels than ever before, and many others, the benefits are apparent. Click here to review our current DVDs


  • Improve Your English Writing - WhiteSmoke is unique software, providing the first context-related all-in-one solution for improved English writing. WhiteSmoke was chosen by "Business 2.0" as one of the new promising inventions of 2006. This revolutionary writing tool instantly analyzes complete text and provides context-based recommendations to replace words with synonyms, adds adjectives and adverbs, checks spelling, and verifies proper grammar use. Advanced Writing Solution for Professional Results Limited Time Offer! Get Now!

WhiteSmoke Dictionary Tool


  • Improve Your English - This powerful software includes online English proofreading, reads any document / email / website text in a human voice, grammar & spelling learning center, plus much more. Try our free download. Click here!


  • Active Typing Tutor - This typing program contains a complete touch typing course with 14 chapters. In addition it has fun typing games, smart review wizard and progress graphs. Download a free demo to try it out! Buy Active Typing Tutor


  • Typing Certification by Delamere Employment Services - We now offer free typing tests online, as well as WPM typing certificates. Our typing test will test your typing speed and accuracy. Typing tests are used by employers around the world to test job applicants. Each test lasts three minutes. Be sure you are seated comfortably and be sure you won't be interrupted. This system has been used by many of our clients, businesses and colleges for many years. Take a FREE Typing Test online...Whats your WPM?
  • Learning Complex Software Applications - The Virtual Training Company (VTC) started in California's Silicon Valley in 1996. The format on the CDs - narrated QuickTime movies that take a user through the steps of learning complex software applications - was very well received. Soon after, VTC began producing training for Windows software. In the last few years, VTC has opened offices in UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa, Hong Kong and Canada. Read more.


  • Online Business Courses - The Ibusiness School provides business e-learning products globally and are suitable for entrepreneurs, career climbers, SME's and corporate staff. These courses are delivered online, CD and DVD, and are used extensively by many of our clients. Subjects covered include, Sales & Marketing, Personal Development, IT Skills, Customer Service, Management Skills, Financial Management, Property Management plus more. Check out the FREE downloads related to important career skills. To review the current courses available, click here


  • Computer Training Online - Our partner offers 370+ Web based computer training courses including: Microsoft, Lotus, networking, NT, HTML, CGI, Perl, Unix, C++, SAT, Cisco, Oracle, business, accounting and more. Try their free demo courses to get an idea of just how good this online training is! These courses are excellent and serve to increase your employment potential with advanced computer skills. At our Training Center our mission is to provide the most flexibility, convenient, cost-effective and interactive computer based training necessary, to meet the training needs of individuals, businesses, government agencies, and home office users worldwide. Click Here
  • Software to help you write professional letters - WriteExpress letter-writing software helps you write the perfect letter in seconds. Choose from thousands of professional, pre-written letters. Your qualified visitors will learn letter-writing skills from experts as they reuse our pre-written business, sales, and personal letters for any occasion in over 500 categories. Our most popular program, 3001 Business & Sales Letters has sold over 60,000 copies around the world! These include Office Templates, Novel-Writing, Royalty Free Images, Productivity, Legal, Grammar, Dictionary, Vocabulary, Language, Resume, and eBooks. WriteExpress has been creating award-winning software for the last 8 years.

WriteExpress Award Winning Software

  • Occupational Stress Assessment Program - Organizations of all types face challenges with an increasingly diverse workforce and a tight labor market. Some of the greatest obstacles to retaining valued employees are quality-of-work-life issues. This computer program is designed to be a "stress expert in a box"; as such, it is one step in addressing occupational stress, a defining issue in employee satisfaction and subsequent retention. The Occupational Stress Assessment (OSA) is an interactive computer-based version of an instrument design. With an easy-to-use interface and extensive customized feedback, the OSA can help you and your employees become more productive and manage stress easier. For more details click here.

  • Use a Great Inspiring Quote, and Frame It - We are currently offering a free service to all our subscribers, clients and site visitors, which allows you to select an "inspiring quote" from our database, and then you can "frame" it from our selection of full-colour custom "frames." You can then print it, save it, or share it with a friend or business associate. Many of our clients have found this technique of pondering over inspirational quotes, to be a great motivator.click here


  • Measuring & Managing Employee Performance - This book will show you how to get the best out of your company's employees. It covers the business imperative behind the effective measurement of employee performance. It examines performance measurement from a strategic perspective and provides practical advice on how to implement a performance measurement system. To help you apply the techniques to your own situation, the briefing includes detailed exercises and forms for you to work through. For more details visit our online bookstore, Managing and Measuring Employee Performance
  • Manager's Leadership Training Course - A recent survey indicates that managers and supervisors are only performing at 60 percent of their full potential. We are currently recommending to our clients, the full use of this online training guide, the "Manager's Tool Box" which will help you and your business to achieve more. The modules covered by this material include, planning, organizing, basic leadership, plus much more. We are offering a 1-year, no nonsense, no questions, guarantee, which illustrates the confidence we all have in this training material. We invite you to check the list of contents

  • The Success Library - This service has a database of numerous articles, e-books, and resources, on how to make success of building a business online. This is not a marketing course, but it's a dynamic online archive of information for online entrepreneurs, which covers all the critical and essential areas of making a success of you new venture. The material available on motivational thinking and planning is some of the best we have read. click here

  • Learn Speed Reading - This "Speed Reading" course is taught at many major corporations and schools, because these simple, powerful techniques actually do work, on paper and on your computer screen. You will enjoy and benefit from this "Speed Reading" course and it will definitely help with career, education and business advancement. (Click Here)


  • Learn an additional language - We encourage all our clients and site visitors to undertake the study of learning an additional language to improve their employability and opportunities for promotion and increased business skills. We have a selection of online courses, or on CDs that cover most major languages. Click here

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