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  • Workers in pipefitting, maintenance welding, drafting, engineering. With EZ Pipe software, you can print custom pipe patterns in about 5 minutes. You can have a professional fit with no gaps, and the exact angle that you want. Our partner "Tube Net" is the world's leader in providing information related to this industry with lists of all sources of supplies, latest exhibitions and trade shows. click here and select the option "Software" from the index.


  • CAD Software - CAD Software Direct is a supplier of CAD software for design, modeling and rendering. Our catalog covers a huge range of software from CAD utilities to high-end design packages. This site is the destination for the widest range of CAD software, applications and tools. We specialize in providing our customers with direct access to the widest selection of CAD programs available today. Visit our home page for full list including Rhino 3D

  • Online Project Management Software - As a Project Manager you need to manage people, tasks and money wisely if you're to succeed. You need to know real-time every day, whether you're on track. That's where Project Manager.com helps you. The innovative dashboard tells you whether you're on track. This smart Online Project Management software then goes one step further by helping you plan, monitor and report on your projects. As well as including all of the commonly used features found in Microsoft Project, this online project management software tells you the actual vs. planned progress as it happens. Because it's Web Project Management, you can login from anywhere, anytime to check on the status of your projects. Click here.



  • CAD Exchanger - This powerful software includes desktop, web and mobile apps to view, convert and collaborate on 3D CAD, Customization, extension and development of specific functionality in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE. CAD Exchanger (node-locked)



  • Software to Manage Your Inventory - This powerful software is able to manage your stock, purchases and sales orders using one powerful interface. Create Purchase Orders and email them to your vendors with one click. You can allocate the inventory to desired warehouses at the time of recording purchase. ProfitBooks SERVICE


  • 3D Design Plug-In - If you are a 3d artist or studio and you are working in architecture, advertising, film or television, you might need tools and plug-ins to facilitate and accelerate your work. Products are added frequently to the shop with related tutorials that help to solve specific problems. Simplify your workflow using world's best 3ds Max Asset Management plug-in. Supports to 3D models, textures, materials and IES photometric files. Project Manager - Asset Browser for 3Ds Max


  • Auto Desk, The Design Resource Leader - This software and design tools have helped hundreds of thousands of design professionals in over 160 countries, model, make, manage, and market their designs, from hotels, highways, office buildings, and more. This service and backup is superior and is an essential tool to civil engineering, land planning and construction design. Buy online at the Autodesk Store! Learn More!


  • Image & Technical Illustration Management - This powerful software ACDSee delivers the leading platforms for image management and technical illustration, giving consumers and professionals everything they need to manage, create, edit, share, and publish content for print, presentation and the Web faster, easier, and more efficiently. With the explosion of digital cameras, there has been an even greater explosion of digital photos! Yet many people, novices and professionals alike, use the equivalent of a digital shoebox to organize their images, leaving them to gather virtual dust. Get these people on the fast track to high-powered organization and the ultimate in creativity with ACDSee 10 Photo Manager, ACDSee Pro 2 Photo Manager, ACDSee Photo Editor, and FotoSlate 4 Photo Print Studio. ACDSee Photo Manager 12 is here!

ACD Systems- The makers of ACDSee Photo Manager 12


  • Engineers Calculation Software -This is the Ultimate Windows Math Toolbox - including the Symbolic Algebra module. Buy UltimaCalc Pro


  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - Over 80 publishers of standards - more than 170,000 titles to chose from, domestic and international standards are used in every business. We offer related books, software, training, industrial supplies, consulting services and standards related programs such as ISO 9000, quality management, ISO 14000, safety, compatibility, testing, data exchange, performance or purity as well as a very wide range of other topics. Download standards



  • Professional Diagramming Software - MyDraw  is a professional diagramming software that allows the visual creation of diagrams, flowcharts, organizational charts, mindmaps, electrical diagrams, floor plans and general purpose drawings. MyDraw for Mac


  • Software for Structural Engineers - Design of reinforced concrete corbels according to ACI318-08 metric. STRES is a company specialized in creating computer programs for Structural Engineers who work in the field of reinforced concrete design. A STRES product distinguishes itself from the concurrence by some traits that the user can quickly notice at his first contact with the software. The adopted approach in conceiving our products is based on two principles that are rarely simultaneously present in the Commerce. The first one consists in providing a simple and clear interface where the number of parameters and entries is restricted to the minimum. The second principle aims to provide the results of the calculations and the design notes with equal professionalism where clarity and conciseness are emphasized. Annotated graphics automatically display, and eventually appropriate dialog boxes show-up to warn the user about design problems. Read more.

  • Work Order Express - This powerful tool is a QuickBooks Accounting Software tested and approved add on application that is very popular with any machine shop, job shop, and contractor or fabrication business. This ideal for saving time and money with powerful, easy to use work order management & scheduling software that works with your existing QuickBooks data. Buy Work Order Express (Product Download)

  • Stardraw - This company is the multi-award-winning developer of software for the entertainment technology sector. Stardraw Control is the multi award-winning application, designed to create customised programs that can control any device from any manufacturer using any protocol over any communications infrastructure. Read more.



  • Database Administration Tool - Datazenit is a web-based database administration tool for MySQL and PostgreSQL. It features smart data grid, query builder, schema editor, live charts and raw query editor with auto-complete. The goal is to build modern and intelligent databases with a tool that would increase productivity. Various chart styles can be used to create effective visualizations, like scatter, line, area, bar and pie chart. Best of all – they can be shared or embedded. Datazenit (Personal License)


  • Plug-in for CorelDRAW - This remarkable plugin for CorelDRAW allows many advanced utilities for computer designers who work with Vinyl, CNC machines, or laser cutters. eCut has more than 40 different functions which include invaluable aids with the design of outdoor signs, light boxes, neon and LED signs. eCut 6


  • IMSI/Design Products - This is a global leader in retail CAD (Computer Aided Design). IMSI/Design products include the award-winning TurboCAD®, TurboFLOORPLAN™, TurboSketch™, and DesignCAD™ families of precision design applications. These are affordable, easy-to-use graphics and design software products, including top-selling TurboCAD. Visit IMSI/Design for a wide selection of award-winning precision design, graphics and utilities software at great prices! Click Here



  • Learn SPA (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) - In SAP, Quality Management (QM) is fully integrated with complementary components including Materials Management (MM), Plant Maintenance (PM), and Production Planning (PP). Quality management (QM) is important to the warehouse, inspecting incoming material as it arrives at the facility and for manufacturing operations, where the quality of in-process items are checked during manufacturing process and finished goods are inspected before they reach the warehouse. Quality Management (QM) is an integral part of the logistics function. The quality planning function allows your quality department to plan inspections for goods receipts from vendors and production, work in process and stock transfers. The quality notification can be used to request action to be taken by the quality department. This may be to review an internal problem, an issue with items from a vendor or a customer complaint. The quality inspection is the physical inspection using specifications defined in quality planning. SAP - SAP Audit

  • Unique Metric Conversion Calculator - This new calculator is designed for incredible ease of use, and it is highly recommended with construction, architects, import/export, mechanics, and travelers - anyone that needs to routinely make metric conversions. It has over 350 conversions, decimal/fraction, and a full-featured handheld calculator and converts length, area, weight, pressure, temperature, volume, and cubic. 1-Step Metric - World's Easiest Metric Conversion Calculator


  • Computer & Computer Devices Icon Set - The Delamere Group is proud to offer this new icon selection site for web site designers or marketing services, which is a collection of high quality icons representing various computer devices and hardware items. It includes computers, computer hardware, external computer devices, mobile computers and devices, hardware symbols. Buy Icons-Land Vista Style Devices Icon Set


  • Mechanical, industrial and technical calculations - Are you a mechanical engineer, design engineer, engineering draughtsman, technical employee, or a student at a college? Do you need to work with a professional computational system? This set of engineering, industrial, and technical calculations is for your day-to-day routines. It will reliably, precisely, and most of all quickly guide you through the design of components, the solution of a technical problem, or a calculation of an engineering point without any significant need for expert knowledge. The sophisticated interaction with many 2D CAD systems (AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD, Ashlar Graphite, TurboCAD) allows the relevant drawing to be developed in a few seconds (3D CAD systems are supported in the version MITCalc 3D). MITCalc support both Imperial and Metric units and are processed according to ANSI, ISO, DIN, BS, Japanese and other standards. For more details, click here.

  • ABViewer a Multi-Purpose Viewer & Converter - This powerful software by SoftGold, Inc. is a professional image viewer for industry and home using. ABViewer is a multi-purpose viewer and converter, ideal for using with Total Commander or Far manager. ABViewer supports AutoCAD DWG (2.5 - 2007/2008 versions), DXF and HPGL / HPGL2 Hewlett-Packard formats, TIFF, SVG (restricted functionality), CGM, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF, DWG, DXF, GL2, HG, HGL, HPG, HP, HP1, HP2, HPGL, HPGL2, PCX, PLO, PLT, PRN, SPL, BW, CEL, CUT, DIB, FAX, ICB, ICO, JPEG, JPG, PAL, PBM, PCD, PDD, PIC, PGM, PNG, PPM, PSD, PSP, RGB, RGBA, RLA, RLE, RPF, SGI, TGA, VDA, VST, WIN formats. ABViewer converts all supported files to BMP, EMF, JPEG, TIFF or GIF formats. It allows the user to drag images, zoom in and zoom out, centering, printing. Advanced printing allows printing one image to many papers as "tiles" to glue a big paper afterwards. Read more.

  • Electrician's calculator - Volts is a full-featured electrician's calculator designed for engineers, electricians, contractors, maintenance departments, OEMs or handymen who demand fast, accurate computations and have little time for long complicated learning curves and complies with the 2002 NFPA National Electrical Code. Volts software comprises an integrated collection of electrical analysis modules and calculators into one unique, easy to use tool. Request a trial download to see the power of this software. Click here.

  • The Project Management Kit - This excellent project management tool comprises the entire suite of templates used to initiate, plan, execute and close projects successfully. More than 50 Word and Excel documents comprising over 300 pages of helpful hints, real-life examples, charts and tables are included. Our Project Management Guide Book is currently free to clients and visitors to our web site. Templates for Project Managers Templates for Project Managers including plans, processes, forms and free tools.


  • Proposal Kit Professional - This is a contract and proposal solution for virtually any business and includes over 2500 pages of proposal and contract content. An all-inclusive bundle including ALL of our proposal, contract, estimate, sample and project planning content and four of our most popular proposal design skins. This software is useful for most industries and services in the preparation of contracts and business proposals. Read more.


  • Construction Information Service - Delamere Construction is now supplying construction and engineering related software, books and CD's for management and planning personnel, plus a wide range of resources for the building contractor. To review our services click here!

  • Statistical add-on for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets - This new software StatistiXL is a powerful new data analysis package that runs as an add-in to Windows™ versions of Microsoft's sophisticated Excel™ spreadsheet program. StatistiXL has been entirely designed and written by scientists in order to meet the demanding needs of anyone requiring access to a robust, versatile statistical analysis package that is quick to learn and easy to use. You no longer need to spend hours with manuals just learning how to perform the analyses you need in order to get to the really important bit … the results. With its wealth of features, Excel™ provides an ideal environment for data input, manipulation and calculation. By leveraging this familiar environment, StatistiXL greatly extends this feature set to encompass high-powered statistical analysis without the need to learn how to use an entirely new application from scratch. Data stored in existing Excel™ spreadsheets can instantly be subjected to a wide range of statistical tests, many frequently not seen in other analysis software. For more details and to request a free trial, visit Buy statistiXL - 1 Year License


  • Continuing Education for Engineers - PDHengineer.com is an online classroom for engineers seeking professional development hours (PDH's) required to maintain their professional engineer license. Engineers can access courses online at any time, then take a quiz and print the course certificate of completion immediately upon passing the quiz. Their goal is to provide engineers with a convenient means to attain PDH's through quality courses offered at affordable prices. Try a Free course to see the value to your career as an engineer. Visit Decatur Professional Development, LLC


  • Technical & Engineering Books - Wiley & Company is a global publisher of print and electronic products, specializing in scientific, technical, and medical books and journals; professional and consumer books and subscription services; and textbooks and other educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students as well as lifelong learners. Visit Wiley.com


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