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  • If you cannot locate a suitable financial backer for your business venture it is possible one of the following problems exist.
    • You have not done your homework and research adequately and your proposition may be too vague to attract lenders.
    • Your business plan is not sound and realistic.

    We suggest that you review additional sources for facts and advice if you have not already done so.  For example, your attorney, your accountant, the local library, plus other sources such as, State Departments, local authorities, commercial and industrial organizations, educational institutes, to mention a few. Visit our page on loans. Click here

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  • You may have many questions still unanswered regarding your desire to become an entrepreneur and being able to join that group of successful people who have started and run their own business.  We recommend that you subscribe to one or more of the excellent free Newsletters now available and build up articles and advice in order to create your own reference guide on ‘how to start and run your own business’.  For a current list of available Newsletters:

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  • Our personal clients are supplied with a ring binder with alphabetic dividers for easy reference.  It is important to keep track of the progress of your plan in writing.  When you see an idea, hear of something with potential, just jot it down on a note pad and file it.  Sections in your file should cover, for example, office administration, financial, sales, and so on.  This file or files will eventually become a storehouse of facts and information for your future reference.  Why not name it, “My Own Business.”

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  • Business & Marketing Plans - Business Plan Pro software will lead you through every step of creating your business plan. The plan may be about the final document for your banker or investor, but for you it is about the process of gathering your ideas and developing and growing your business. Business Plan Pro creates a great looking document for your banker, while helping you to better understand and grow your business. See also our Marketing Plan Pro. This software is one of the best ways to prepare and create a marketing plan that will improve profitability, awareness and long-term stability of your business. The package includes over 70 sample marketing plans and covers all types of businesses and is highly recommended. Both software packages are suitable for all international businesses and most countries of the world. Read more.


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  • How To Structure Your Business Affairs for Maximum Tax Savings - Because most owners of small businesses believe they must choose one entity or legal format for their business, most do not take advantage of the many features and benefits that other entities afford.  By fully understanding the tax benefits of each categorization, business owners can save money and grow their company. Visit our web page that discusses this subject. Click here  


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  • How to Enjoy Tax Savings & Liability Protection in Your Business Venture. Click here


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  • Incorporating Your Business in the USA - MyUSACorporation.com helps people incorporate their business in any of the 50 US states. Additional services include other forms of business filing such as sales tax ID registration, DBA registration, entity name amendment, dissolution, foreign entities and other. Today many people consider incorporating because of the many taxation and liability benefits. Unlike most traditional online incorporators MyUSACorporation.com offers a simple and affordable way to get your new entity up and running quickly and with minimum expense. Read more.


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  • You are offered 3 of the Top Leading Business Magazines for Free - Our partner is currently offering free subscriptions to leading business magazines related to building an "e-business" another magazine on the economy and financial markets, and also one on management. This free offer is valued at over $600 and these magazines are yours for free, as a contribution toward advancing the US and world economy and helping our business community. Why pay for Business News and Information when you can get industry leading magazines here for Free? Click here for FREE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS

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  • Choosing the Right Business Format - Our service is a document filing service that can save you both time and money. Many people want to start a business but they don't know where to start when it comes to legal filings, we guide you through the various steps required. We provide document filing services required for a variety of business needs such as forming your own Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), filing a DBA/Fictitious Business Name, Foreign Qualification Filings, Registered Agent Representations, Corporate Compliance services and supplies in all 50 US states. Get an Incorporation Guide at Corpnet®! Start Today!


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  • Soothing Music from The Delamere Group & LoungeV – We now provide natural ambiance for home and office with relaxing sounds, soothing music and full HD visuals from some of the most exotic and beautiful places on earth, such as beaches, rivers, waterfalls, forests, lakes, mountains and under water. Our featured product is Caribbean Lounge 3 hour long film. Take a look and listen to our demos. Caribbean Lounge full HD film


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  • Free US Government Grants & Loans Directory - Whether you need money for small business start-up or expansion, free grant money from the Government can be used for any worthwhile purpose. Government Cash Grants are in the form of money that you never have to pay back. Also other private foundations give away billions of dollars to individuals who are in genuine need of funds to finance a genuine project. Check out this Directory of over 50,000 sources of Grants and Loans. Click Here

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