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Business Tips - 21

  • Magazines for Business - This is a great new service for our UK clients providing a wide range of business magazine subscriptions. We have selected some of the best available and listed them for your perusal. Browse our current list of business magazines.


Business Tips - 22

  • From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, e-books, and Information Products - This manual is an infopreneur' s guide to online selling. Infopreneurs are today' s newest class of entrepreneur, selling information online in the form of books, e-books, special reports, audio and video products, seminars, and more. This is the first definitive guide to the tools and tactics infopreneurs need to succeed, showing them how to produce, market, sell, and automate the delivery of information products online. A valuable and comprehensive guide that includes interviews with successful infopreners From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with books, E-Books and Information Products describes how to become a recognized expert in your field, market your products online, and develop multiple streams of passive income. Whether you want to add new revenue streams to your existing business or launch a new business as an infopreneur, this book will help you achieve success with information products. Stephanie Chandler (Sacramento, CA) is a small business expert, an online entrepreneur, and the author of a successful self-published book on starting a business. Click here to read a review of this book by the Delamere International Bookshop.


Business Tips - 23
  • The Top 10 Problems, experienced by the small business entrepreneur. From a recent survey, one of the major problems is the difficulty of getting your customers to pay their bills and accounts, which are overdue to your company. Read the recommendations on how to handle this serious problem. Click here


Business Tips - 24
  • Manager's Leadership Training Course - A recent survey indicates that managers and supervisors are only performing at 60 percent of their full potential. We are currently recommending to our clients, the full use of this online training guide, the "Manager's Tool Box" which will help you and your business to achieve more. The modules covered by this material include, planning, organizing, basic leadership, plus much more. We are offering a 1-year, no nonsense, no questions, guarantee, which illustrates the confidence we all have in this training material. The Essential Management Toolbox: Tools, Models and Notes for Managers and Consultants


Business Tips - 25

  • Tony Robbins Books & Videos - Tony Robbins has dedicated his life to creating and implementing strategies for the extraordinary quality of life desired by individuals and organizations throughout the world. As the recognized leader in personal and professional training, Tony Robbins creates and simplifies the tools and resources that transform customers' lives. For more than three decades, Tony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world. He has produced the #1 personal and professional system of all time and has directly impacted the lives of over 50 million people from 100 countries, with his best-selling books and audiotape products, public speaking engagements, and live appearances. Tools to Make Money in Tough Economic Times


Business Tips - 26

  • Special Interest Business E-Books by Nelson Publishing - Knowledge is power. In the case of many of our clients, they have spent many hours researching and reading before making the final decision to take the plunge and start their own business. A quick review of the available downloadable e-books by this publisher, indicates that many important fields are covered, some just for the UK market but others for worldwide markets. This site is worth checking out for the relevant and important subjects covered in the area of starting your own business. Click here


Business Tips - 27


Business Tips - 28

  • Request this Free Audio Tape on Motivational Training - Many of our clients have used motivational methods and training in creating a successful outlook on life, and a leader amongst this material is the "Sedona Method." This successful training material includes, e-mail guides, downloads, recordings, tips and articles to create successful results in your life. The free audiotape will explain how to achieve, protect, and maintain lasting happiness, well-being, and success in your life and career. Read more.


Business Tips - 29

  • Help to Build & Grow Your Property and Investment Portfolio - This leading e-commerce service provider "SMC Technologies" has developed innovative solutions to start and grow an Internet enterprise. A review of their website will introduce you to the numerous services available, including a FREE storefront set-up, plus many other tools you will need to run and develop an online business, and investing in real estate and the stock market. Click here


Business Tips - 30

  • A wide selection of e-books to download - eBooks.com has the largest range of e-books in over 50 categories. With prices well below hard copy books, and the unique appeal of instantly downloadable books. Topics covered are law, business, education, health and sports, self-help plus many more. eBooks.com Sale!


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