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Business Tips - 51

  • How to Market & Manage Your Service Business - With so much uncertainty in life and the economy, now more than ever, you need to ensure that your financial future is secure so you can stop worrying. I know the worry isn't going to disappear overnight, because there is no such thing as an "overnight success", but I want to help you put your mind at ease so you can: You can own and run a home business that makes a regular income by following these tips and guiding principals. Special Report Club Home Page


Business Tips - 52

  • Legal Solutions for Consumers & Small Businesses - The Delamere Group uses Nolo, which is the nation's leading provider of do-it-yourself legal solutions for consumers and small businesses. Our goal is to help people handle their own everyday legal matters -- or learn enough about them to make working with a lawyer a more satisfying experience. This service offers affordable, plain-English books, forms and software on a wide range of legal issues, including wills, estate planning, retirement, elder care, personal finance, taxes, housing, real estate, divorce and child custody. We also offer materials on human resources, employment, intellectual property, and starting and running a small business. Visit Nolo.com

Business Tips - 53

  • Online Sales & Customer Service Solutions - Our partner “Live Person” provides the answers to your difficult questions on, How to Increase Sales?  How to build and improve customer relations and loyalty?  This unique “customer service” enables your operators and staff to interact online with your customers at critical moments during their visit to your website.  This is one of the most effective business and marketing tools we have researched, and will definitely assist you to “grow your business”. Engage and nudge your visitors along with an up-sell incentive. Ensure they leave happy by addressing their concerns and needs on the spot. Engage Customers, Make More Sales! Try LivePerson Risk-Free Today!


Business Tips - 54

  • Unclaimed Cash Search - Cash Unclaimed.com is one of the largest databases for unclaimed money in the world. Our current database lists billions of dollars in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all 50 states and several Federal agencies that could belong to you. There are millions of people who are owed unclaimed money and they don't even know it! Are you one of these people? Unclaimed Money Search - Unclaimed Money Could Be Waiting For You To Claim It. Click here now for your free trial search.


Business Tips - 55

  • Start & Manage a Successful Small Business - Our Gold Alliance Group offers effective tools for the new business owner. Learn how to start and manage a successful small or home-based business. Read-up on small business strategy. Sign up for our newsletter to get business strategy articles and updates. Read more.


Business Tips - 56

  • Certification of Business & Employment Skills - Having the right people in the right jobs can make the difference between industry leadership and mediocrity, between loyal customers and shrinking market share, and between project success and failure. That's why Brainbench is dedicated to helping organizations use assessment science to predict employee success. Using the Brainbench assessment platform, companies improve hiring and retention, boosts training success, enhances customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. Visit Brainbenchbrain


Business Tips - 57

  • E-Mail Grabber - This service provides tools which enable sales and recruiting professionals to quickly capture and process Internet sales leads & resumes. Our solutions increase daily productivity by helping instantly move prospect information found on web sites, email and other places. Read more.


Business Tips - 58

  • Home Business Tax Savings Strategy - This service offers a tax-reduction system for any small or home-based business. Step by step guide to dozens of tax deductions worth thousands of dollars, authorized by Congress to encourage entrepreneurs. Increase your take home pay by $200-$600 per month automatically. For more details click here


Business Tips - 59

  • Fundamentals of Management - This streamlined volume covers the principle concepts of management to provide readers with a solid foundation for understanding key issues. Organized around the four traditional functions of management-planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, it reflects current trends in management and organizations, and presents the latest research studies in the field. The authors address managing in today's world, foundations of planning and decision making, basic organization designs, staffing and human resource management, foundations of individual and group behavior, leadership and trust and foundations of control and value chain management. Fundamentals of Management: Essential Concepts and Applications (9th Edition)


Business Tips - 60

  • The Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up - Starting your own business can be a daunting task. If you're looking to start your own business, or if you have already taken the plunge and want to keep everything on track, then make sure you have a copy of The Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2015: The most comprehensive annually updated guide for entrepreneurs (Financial Times Guides)on your shelf. Annually updated, this edition covers the latest legal and financial changes you need to be aware of following the 2015 budget. This year, we have also included extra information on e-marketing to help your business grow. The book covers every important aspect of your business start up, with essential guidance on everything from developing your business idea to your obligations as an employer. If you're serious about starting a business, you need to keep this book within easy reach. Visit the Delamere International Bookshop.



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