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  • For information, background and the history of Kenya click here



  • Race and Empire: Eugenics in Colonial Kenya (Studies in Imperialism) by Chloe Campbell - This new book Race and Empire tells the story of a short-lived but vehement eugenics movement that emerged among a group of Europeans in Kenya in the 1930s, unleashing a set of writings on racial differences in intelligence more extreme than that emanating from any other British colony in the twentieth century. Race and Empire: Eugenics in Colonial Kenya (Studies in Imperialism)





  • Business & Marketing Plans - Business Plan Pro software will lead you through every step of creating your business plan. The plan may be about the final document for your banker or investor, but for you it is about the process of gathering your ideas and developing and growing your business. Business Plan Pro creates a great looking document for your banker, while helping you to better understand and grow your business. See also our Marketing Plan Pro. This software is one of the best ways to prepare and create a marketing plan that will improve profitability, awareness and long-term stability of your business. The package includes over 70 sample marketing plans and covers all types of businesses and is highly recommended. Both software packages are suitable for all international businesses and most countries of the world. Read more





  • Read this informative article from the Guardian Newspaper related to the whites still living in the African country of Kenya, recently submitted by a reader. The article is probing the issue of, "are they living in a bubble"? Click here.




  • Import & Export Business in Kenya - Traders in Kenya stand to benefit from increased efficiency following the launch of InfoTrade in Kenya, which has consolidated more than 120 documents and procedures required for import and export business in Kenya on one online platform. The portal is estimated to serve at least 1.5 million users per month and consolidates 73 documents under exports, 52 under imports and one under transits (cross border trade) thus ensuring a shorter period in the export and import processes. It will now take a trader a maximum of five minutes to access summarised information on international trade procedures in Kenya. Visit this site.




  • When it comes to promoting your business and marketing in Kenya using the various channels of communications and media currently available, you basically have two choices.
    • Use your own staff and existing personnel and undertake your marketing campaign "in-house" and employ the various resources and facilities listed on our Marketing pages, which have all been tried and tested and are confidently recommended by our firm. Click here
    • Or you can use the services of a reputable and successful marketing firm such as Delamere-Pennine Associates. The choice is yours, but in today's competitive market you cannot ignore the need for a positive and aggressive marketing policy if you want your business to succeed and grow. Visit the site of Delamere Marketing



  • Managing HR in Africa - This is a new book by Ken N. Kamoche, Yaw A. Debrah and Frank Horwitz.

    Editor's review:
    As rival economies such as Asia mature, attention is now shifting to new frontiers, such as Africa. But academic debate too often neglects the complexities and diversity of this continent, and the challenges faced by both multinational companies working across Africa and domestic African companies, particularly those in the Human Resource (HR) field. Managing Human Resources in Africa is a refreshing new book that boldly tackles the HR challenges in countries right across Africa, examining the impact of contextual factors on the development of HR practices in Africa. Taking a regional approach to the subject, and featuring chapters on South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Mauritius, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Tunisia and Libya, this comprehensive study is written and edited by those with the knowledge and experience of the complexities of the continent. Managing Human Resources in Africa (Global HRM)




  • Trade Magazines. Free subscriptions are now available to professionals - No hidden or trial offers, and no purchase necessary. Publications are absolutely free to professionals who qualify. The Delamere Group has arranged an ongoing contract for our clients and site visitors (See News Release) to receive these free subscriptions to qualified individuals and companies. Browse through our extensive list of trade publications by industry, title, or geographic eligibility to find the titles that best match your skills and interests. Simply complete the application form and submit it. Many are available for international delivery. For more details on the over 300 magazines currently offered on a free subscription basis click here




  • Kenya's Independence Constitution: Constitution Making & End of Empire by Robert M. Maxon - This book is a narrative of the evolution of the constitution that was put into effect as Kenya's history as a colonial possession came to an end. It details the attempts of the colony's political elite and the British Colonial Office to find a constitutional means to move Kenya to the status of independent state. As this process moved forward, political ethnicity assumed central significance. This produced an environment in which demands for a federal constitution, popularly termed majimbo, came to dominate constitutional discourse. Deep disagreement among Kenya's political elite over this issue marked the remainder of the colonial period. Kenya's Independence Constitution: Constitution-Making and End of Empire




  • Updates Regarding Corruption in Kenya - Kenya is the third most corrupt state in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the latest report by corruption watchdog Transparency International. We recommend that before you have any business dealing with Kenya that you make yourself aware of the latest reports. We then wish you all the best, but first read this informative book by Peter Annasi, Corruption in Africa: The Kenyan Experience





  • Employers in Kenya: Are you looking for staff to help you in your business? Then go to the FREE Classified Pages of our website and check, "Job seekers post your details." If no applicant appears suitable, feel free to post your vacancy without charge. click here
  • Jobseekers in Kenya: If you are looking for employment, part-time, full-time or casual, then go our FREE Classified Pages on our website and check " Classified list of vacancies submitted by employers." If no position appears suitable, feel free to post your details for employers to check, without charge click here




  • FARM-Africa has been working with poor rural African farmers and herders since 1985. They aim to make a lasting difference to their lives by providing practical help, enabling them to produce more food for their families. FARM (Food & Agricultural Research Management)-Africa is registered in the UK as a charity no. 326901 and as a 501(c)3 in the USA. Visit their site The Delamere Group are supporters of this NGO.


  • Small Business Online Store - For all your supplies for office furniture, office equipment, computer hardware & software, printing and stationery, mobile phones including telematics. International delivery is arranged by most of our suppliers. Visit the site of Delamere Small Business Online Store





  • Doing Business in Kenya - Read this excellent book on this subject of how to do business in this country, the pitfalls and the advantages. Business in Kenya





  • Historical Dictionary of Kenya by Robert Maxon - A ready reference to the history and culture of this complicated and important African nation. Entries cover the important people, places, events, and culture of the nation. A thorough introduction provides important context for first time students of Kenya, and the bibliography will serve both novice and experienced researchers in good stead. Historical Dictionary of Kenya (Historical Dictionaries of Africa)





  • Immigration to the USA & Green Card Lottery for Citizens of Kenya - Delamere-Pennine Associates have recently introduced a service to our clients in order to assist with the numerous enquiries regarding the process of emigrating into the United States and Canada. This service includes preparing and submitting the required documentation to satisfy the Immigration & Naturalization Services (INS) of the US Government with regard to entering your name (and family) into the "Green Card Lottery" each year. One of our Senior Partners visits Nairobi, Kenya and Cape Town, South Africa, each year and will be available for free, informal, without obligation, interviews. For full details read more






  • For books, e-books, guides, contacts and reliable sources for employment in Kenya, either as a job seeker or employer/recruiter, we suggest that you visit our Employment Pages
  • Receive Updates from the International Job Market - Delamere-Pennine Associates has teamed up with Donovan Inc., and Quest Recruitment Services. This combined service will send your résumé out to over 20,000 recruiters and over 800 key employers. If you are looking for a job in Kenya this service is producing excellent results for our clients in over 75 countries, who are looking for a change in employment or first time job seekers. iDonovan.com/ke - Kenya's leading career network



  • Web site designing and development services for international online trading. We offer services to small business and individuals who want a web presence for their small business or private use. Our fees and prices are very reasonable and we offer free advice on the best way to set out your web presence. Contact us at Virtuosity Design




  • Farmers in Kenya - Already farmers in Kenya are saving $1,000s each year by using this terrific irrigation tool by Approtech and its low-cost manual water pumps that have already changed the agricultural economy of Kenya. Visit this site For more information about the "Rainmaker" MoneyMaker Plus, a manual irrigation pump made by a Nairobi-based nonprofit company called Appropriate Technologies for Enterprise Creation, or simply Approtec contact us for details.





  • African Imports from Kenya- Our firm has linked with this leading importer of African goods to the USA and Canada, products and goods which include authentic jewelry, art, clothing, fabrics, plus much more, all of which are made by Africans in their own communities in their own cultural way and for the most part all goods are hand made. We provide a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and shipment of orders are sent to you the very next business day. Check out the Section "What's New" as new products and goods are received on a daily basis. Click Here




  • Pride Africa - This non-profit organization provides financial and information products and networks for the small-scale entrepreneur in Africa. (visit their site)




Real Estate


  • If you are a shrewd investor in real estate and property, we strongly recommend that you visit our web page on Property Investments and the ideas that have been used by our client's that have produced millions for them.




  • Buying & Selling Property and Real Estate in Kenya - Property, in our experience, has been one of the most lucrative investments available. We have the personal experiences of clients in our files, who have bought property in California, and made 300 percent profit in 2 years. Another of our clients bought an old wooden bungalow on 3rd Beach at Clifton, Cape Town, for R600,000 and sold it 2 years later for R1,5 million. This is why we always encourage our clients to have at least one third of their investment portfolio in real estate, for income or capital growth. Although based in the US market, the principles and ideas work in most other countries too. Buy It, Rent It, Profit!: Make Money as a Landlord in ANY Real Estate Market




  • A brief history of white ownership of land in Kenya - Just before Kenya was declared a free state in 1963, founding President Jomo Kenyatta, held a meeting in Nakuru, (then the hub of settler activities), where he exclusively addressed the settler farmers. He assured them that the large tracts of lands and property that they owned were not going to be taken away from them. Still unconvinced and distrusting black rule, some of the white farmers sold their land and property and left for their mother countries or the new lands, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. If you would like to read this full report, go to this link, click here.






  • This important issue of land ownership in Kenya - We have recently received a letter from an associate in Nairobi who expresses the opinion of whether Kenya no longer being a British Colony has made any difference to land ownership by the average citizen of Kenya. He said, "It is amazing that after 41 years of independence we know and control so little of a country that we claim to be ours. Kenya may no longer be a British colony, but it is certainly not independent either." It seems the majority of land is still owned by powerful political families, such as the Kenyetta, Moi and Kibaki families and others. Read this report.





  • Offices & Office Accommodation Offered Worldwide - Delamere Estates now has available our Global service, Search Office Space, which provides a free online and offline service for users to search for serviced offices globally. Search our database for free. Our company also has available commercial properties for lease, office space for rent, medical office, retail space, industrial, and warehouse space for lease or rent.




  • The Complete Guide to Letting Property - This fully updated and expanded new edition provides reliable advice on all aspects of becoming a landlord. It advises on the pitfalls and the advantages, as well as how to choose the right type of property and most importantly - how to calculate the finances. it also contains a wealth of new information on Landlord's associations, buying a long way from home, how to pick a good agent, negotiating with your tenant, taking non-paying tenants to court on-line, lodgers and buying property for student children. Although written for the UK property market, the advice is applicable to most countries. Letting Property for Profit





  • Land, Farms and Investment Properties For Sale in Kenya & East Africa - The demand for open spaces and unspoiled areas grows every day, so there is no better time than now to be buying land in Africa. Lodges, game farms, hunting farms, and safari operations in Africa are a dream of many, but the reality is that you need to know what you are doing if you want your venture to be a solid and rewarding investment. Wildnet Africa Properties has the finest selection of wildlife and nature-orientated investment opportunities available in Southern Africa. They specialize in game ranches and eco-tourism real estate investments, especially in South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Kenya. For more details click here











  • Enjoy a Safari In the Heart of Africa - For a truly inspiring and memorable adventure vacation, taking a Safari holiday in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia or Zimbabwe, is the experience of a lifetime. Our firm through our travel "partner" organizes pre-arranged or customized tours of Africa, where you can enjoy wildlife and the culture of Africa at its best. We cater especially for small groups. Contact us for details.


  • African Trails - Our company is an adventure overland tour operator specialising in budget safaris and overland tours in Africa and the Middle East. We have been operating continuously for 32 years and we run all our own trips. Our tours range from short, 5 day safaris to the ultimate trip - the 43 week London to Istanbul via Cape Town Trans Africa. We have over 60 safaris and tours to suit most people and ages, as long as they have the adventurous spirit. All our departures are on a set departure date. Visit this site.


  • For travel books on Kenya (plus all other countries) that relate to travel to this country and the best places to visit while in this country, click here. Also view our selection of photos of Kenya, click here.


  • Book on Kenyan History - This brilliant book Kenya Pioneers by Errol Trzebinski covers the white pioneer phase of Kenya's history and spans the years from 1896, when three couples landed on the coast, to 1920, when the protectorate became a crown colony. Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere, was the best-known settler, but this book shows that liberated gentlewomen and adventurous Jews were among the more interesting figures in Kenyan history. Click for a review of the contents Kenya Pioneers


  • Mount Kenya - The Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Trust is a Kenyan based organization, dedicated to helping preserve and protect Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya is an internationally significant protected area inscribed in 1997 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The World Heritage Commission recognized Mount Kenya as "one of the most impressive landscapes of Eastern Africa." Visit this site. Also read this excellent book about the life of Bill Woodley Elephants at sundown: The story of Bill Woodley


  • For the latest Immigration Information for Kenya to enter the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, plus other major countries, for tourism, study or business, and you require a visa, passport or customs regulations, visit Delamere Immigration Services




  • Don't forget to visit our international site Delamere Travel, click here




  • Soysambu Conservancy Limited -This non-profit organization is in the process of being formed to establish a Conservancy in Kenya for the benefit of the public through preserving an environment which will sustain wildlife and vegetation alongside wildlife tourism. See the beautiful photos taken by Kat Combes. Visit their site




  • Mau Mau's Children (Africa and the Diaspora: History, Politics, Culture)(The Making of Kenya's Postcolonial Elite) - This book is a collective biography of the lives of Kenya's first post colonial elite, stretching from their 1940s childhood to the peak of their careers in the 1990s. Through these interviews, "Mau Mau's Children" shows the trauma of growing up during the Mau Mau Rebellion, the nature of nationalism in Kenya, the new generational conflicts arising, and the significance of education and Gikuyu ethnicity on his students' path to success. Mau Mau'?s Children: The Making of Kenya?s Postcolonial Elite (Africa and the Diaspora)






  • For some background on how the British colonials lived in Kenya and also on the life of one of our friends, Beryl Markham (Beryl Clutterbuck) born in Oakham, England on 26 October 1902 and died 3 August 1986 aged 83, who lived in Kenya for many years ( personal friend of our Senior Editor, Geoffrey Hebdon) Beryl also wrote her book West With The Night published in 1942 which covers the memoirs of Beryl and especially her single-handed flight across the Atlantic. Read the review of the book West With The Night Plus you can also read this article in The Spectator of London regarding the family and descendants of the 3rd Lord Delamere who moved to Kenya from his family seat at Vale Royal Abbey Cheshire, in 1901.




  • Of special interest to British visitors to Kenya is The Lord Egerton Castle, Ngata, Nakuru District, Kenya - Seeing this Castle in the Kenyan bush for the first time brings up a very interesting story about Maurice Egerton, 4th Lord Egerton of Tatton Hall, who died without successor in 1958. (The 2,000-acre Tatton Park Estate, Cheshire, England, was bequeathed to the National Trust by the fourth and last Lord Egerton in 1958. Read more) Of special interest to one of our senior partners in the Delamere Group, Dr. Geoffrey Hebdon, is the account of the Lord Egertons Pipe Organ and the planned restoration by the The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust. Lord Egerton was an extremely generous, philanthropic, individual and the Egerton University (EU) plans to establish the Lord Egerton Foundation in his honor. To read more about Lord Egerton and his castle, click here.

    • Read also this recent fascinating news article about the daily routine of the last Lord Egerton in his final years while living in his Castle in the Kenyan bush. For a firsthand report on the Egerton Castle from one of the students of Cape Town Academy, who recently completed the course, Diploma of Travel & Tourism. (report to come)

    • Note that Lord Maurice Egerton was the nephew of Wilbraham Egerton, 2nd Baron Egerton of Tatton (1832-1909) who was the esteemed writer of the valuable reference work Indian and Oriental Armour. Editorial Review of this excellent book: Long a vital sourcebook of information on the military history of India, this excellently illustrated volume provides factual accounts of events ranging from the earliest invasions of the subcontinent in 200 b.c. to the First Burmese War in 1824. A shorter section of the book includes detailed information on Arabian and Persian arms and Japanese armor. Illustrations and notes describe helmets, daggers, sabers, maces, blowpipes, and other weapons--all grouped according to geographical areas. A comprehensive reference for enthusiasts of arms, armor, and military history. New Introduction. 350 halftones and line illustrations.

    • For more background to this intriguing character Maurice Egerton (1874 - 1958), click here.





  • The William Holden Wildlife Foundation - In his memory, the William Holden Wildlife Foundation was founded to carry on his important efforts and to meet the ever-increasing demand for alternatives to extinction. The foundation's education program currently serves over 10,000 students per year. Overhead expenses in the United States are underwritten through the generosity of a single donor, ensuring that virtually 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to our work. Visit this site.




  • Photos and places to visit from our reporter in Kenya. Click here.




  • Kenya & Tanzania - this new book "This Way Kenya & Tanzania" is packed with stunning color photos and high-quality maps (including a fold-out one in back) that make travel a breeze. Explore historic buildings and delightful parks. Take a town walking tour. Visit the best museums. This Way guides offer a ton of practical information - open hours, contact numbers, directions and more - all in a small portable book. Kenya & Tanzania (This Way Guides)






  • Education Project for the Children of Kenya - Our Mission believes that an education holds the key to a healthy adulthood; the Wana Duma Children’s Project is dedicated to removing barriers that children in Kenya and elsewhere in the world encounter which impede their access to education. We believe that an educated child who has developed good life-skills is more likely to become a leader, a steward of the environment and help lay the foundation for a stronger community. Visit their site.

    Editor’s Note:  The Delamere Group supports any financial aid to this project.




  • Nairobi's Tudor Style Norfolk Hotel, now celebrating its 100th Anniversary, is like taking a journey into British colonial history. Presented on the dining room walls, where a gallery of black and white photographs portrays life in Kenya from the 1800s through to the 1950s. You must try the Lord Delamere Restaurant and Lord Delamere Terrace, our CEO's favourite. For a Virtual Tour of The Norfolk Hotel (now owned by Fairmont Hotels). Also read the section on the History of The Norfolk Hotel which reminds us so much of the Mount Nelson Hotel (Old Nellie) in Cape Town, both hotels being favourite hotels of our senior staff. For unique experiences with Orient-Express in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Botswana. Book online.




  • Many of our clients have requested a good source for buying a print or painting of Lord Delamere of Vale Royal, Cheshire, England. We have located a reliable source and suggest you go to the web site of Easy Art based in England and select in the search box "Lord Delamere" in the entire range of art work, and they currently have a beautiful hand-coloured restrike etching of Hugh Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumley) 2nd Baron Delamere 1811- 1887, with Vale Royal in the background, by Diana Calvert, ID # 35782. Hugh was one of the ancestors of the founder of the international Delamere Group. Click here.





  • Safaris & Tours of East Africa - Heritage Hotels Ltd is one of Kenya's leading safari companies, including Mara Explorer, Kipungani Explorer, Mara Intrepids, Samburu Intrepids, the Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort, Voyager Beach Resort and Voyager Ziwani Camp. Heritage is renowned for the blue-ribbon offering that todays discerning travelers demand, as well as premier class services, optional "extras" and good relations with neighboring communities, while always being committed to nurturing and protecting the fragile eco-system. Holiday Packages








  • Bird Watching In Kenya-Home of the Flamingos - Remember the scenes from the film, Out of Africa when Meryl Streep and our friend Robert Redford (of Sundance in Salt Lake City) are flying over the lakes of Kenya and the thousands of flamingos like a pink cloud, passing over the same beautiful lakes? If you require assistance with travel, accommodation and arrangements for a tour of this region. Contact our firm. If you wish to simply enjoy a book review of the location where this film was made, and the beautiful area around Ngong Hills where Karen Blixen lived click here. For some trivia about the film "Out of Africa" read more.
    • If you wish to review or purchase the book, or buy the DVD Out of Africa visit this link Out of Africa.

    • Editor's Note: We have just received a complimentary copy of a great new book about the life of Denys Finch Hatton. This book titled Too Close to the Sun written by Sarah Wheeler is highly recommended.





  • For a complete list of all National Parks and Nature Reserves in Kenya click here








  • Don't forget to visit our international site Delamere Education, click here


  • Announcement of Forthcoming New Books – The ‘Delamere Group’ and the ‘MTC International Foundation’ are pleased to announce the release of 3 new books, written by Geoffrey Hebdon, author, writer, researcher and reporter.
  • The Delamere Saga (The untold story of Vale Royal Abbey)" ©. This book is a comprehensive report on the history of Vale Royal Abbey in Cheshire, England and its complex occupants over the centuries. To be released in 2020. To read the latest news regarding this remarkable book, click here.

  • Zero Hour of the Apartheid Regime of Zuid Afrika" ©. This book is a comprehensive review of the beginning and the end of Apartheid in South Africa from the vantage point of a white British person who in a small way contributed to its final demise. To be released in celebration of the anniversary of 25 years since Apartheid collapsed in 1994.

  • The Birth, Life & Death of King Cotton" ©. This book covers the beginning of the slave trade in Africa, to the cotton plantations in America that used and exploited these slaves and onto the cotton trade in Lancashire, England.  It also covers the fascinating history of the Greenwood family, whose personal story reflects the effect of the notorious cotton trade on a typical family in the 1800’s. To be released in 2019 in commemoration of 400 years since slavery was introduced to America in 1619.

For more information please contact the Delamere Group, click here.






  • Background to Education in Kenya - Led by that restless bolt of energy of the 3rd Lord Delamere, the settlers wanted European schools befitting their grandiose ideas of a white Kenya that would be no different from Britain.  To read this informative report about education in Kenya, click here.




  • The British in Kenya - How Industrial civilization wrecks sustainable indigenous societies and replaces them with corrupt and unsustainable ones. This informative article clearly explains the problems resulting from the British moving into and trying to take over the Africans.  As often said by our senior reporter who has spent over 35 years in Africa, “Africa is for the Africans”. To read the full article The Looting Machine: Warlords, Oligarchs, Corporations, Smugglers, and the Theft of Africa's Wealth




  • “Red Strangers: The White Tribe of Kenya” by C.S.Nicholls - With the steady lowering of the Union flag in December 1963, seventy years of British rule in Kenya came to an abrupt end. The effect of independence on white society was devastating. Thousands of second and third-generation settlers abandoned their homes and livelihoods, never to return. But what had attracted the European pioneers to settle in Kenya in the first place? And how, within little more than half a century, did white society develop from its early days of mud-floored shacks of corrugated-iron to the sophisticated cities of Nairobi and Mombasa? To read this book visit our online bookstore. Red Strangers: The White Tribe of Kenya Hardcover January 1, 2005




  • Education Project for the Children of Kenya - Our Mission believes that an education holds the key to a healthy adulthood; the Wana Duma Children’s Project is dedicated to removing barriers that children in Kenya and elsewhere in the world encounter which impede their access to education. We believe that an educated child who has developed good life-skills is more likely to become a leader, a steward of the environment and help lay the foundation for a stronger community. Visit their site.

    Editor’s Note:  The Delamere Group supports any financial aid to this project.




  • "White Man's Country: Lord Delamere and the Making of Kenya" by Elspeth Joscelin Grant Huxley (Elspeth Huxley) - This intriguing book covers many of the incidents surrounding the life of Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Lord Delamere and provides the reader with a deeper understanding of the life style and emotional problems that this character had to endure.  He died at the young age of 61 years old but left his permanent mark on Kenya of today. White Man's Country: Lord Delamere and the Making of Kenya

    Editor's Note: Our research team is currently preparing an in-depth report on the life of Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Lord Delamere (1870-1931).  Meantime to read the research material up to date, which will form the basis of this report when it is published, click here.





  • “The Ghosts of Happy Valley” ~ by Juliet Barnes - ‘Happy Valley’ was the name given to the region of Kenya’s Central Highlands where a community of affluent, hedonistic white expatriates settled between the wars. Including the writer Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen), the pioneering aviator Beryl Markham and the troubled socialite Idina Sackville whose life was told in Frances Osborne’s bestselling The Bolter (Vintage), the Happy Valley set’s notoriety was sealed in 1931 with the sensational – and still unsolved - murder of the Earl of Errol, the investigation of which laid bare the extent of the set’s decadence and irresponsibility, and made for another bestselling book in James Fox’s White Mischief. But what is left now? Juliet Barnes, who has lived in Kenya for many years, has set out to explore Happy Valley in a remarkable and indefatigable archaeological quest to find the homes and haunts of this extraordinary and vanished set of people – grand residences like Clouds up in the hills that once hosted opulent and scandalous parties. Read more about The Ghosts of Happy Valley: The Biography

    Editor's Note: Read also the comments by this writer Juliet Barnes based on her research on the existing situation on Soysambu Conservancy in Kenya and the serious challenges facing the survival of Soysambu. Click here.



  • How to Obtain a Legally Recognized Degree Based on Your Life/Work Experience or Prior Study - There are times in life, when because of circumstances you are overlooked for employment or promotion opportunities, yet you have the experience of life or skills, but are just lacking that 'piece of paper.' We have on occasions recommended to our clients, using this entirely legal and accredited way of obtaining an "Instant Degree" from a recognized institute operating a legally recognized tertiary education. Many are now holding senior positions in government and private companies. Read more, especially the FAQ on Instantdegrees.com




  • East African Academy - The new school for architects, designers and engineers is a collaboration between Chalmers, University of Gothenburg and several local universities around Lake Victoria. The building itself will reflect the East African Academy's special teaching methods and growth strategy. Read more.




  • Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute (KWSTI) The training unit of the KWS offers organisational training, certificate and diploma programmes. It collaborates with Universities, International bodies and local non-governmental organisations to provide a portfolio of learning programmes in adherence with the KWS Mission Statement, "To work with others to sustainably conserve, protect and manage Kenya's invaluable bio-diversity for the benefit of the people of Kenya and as a world heritage". Courses offered are: Tour Guiding (4 Months) Sanctuary Wildlife Management (5 Months) Tourism Management and Eco-Tourism Development (4 Weeks ) Community Wildlife Assistants/Scouts (2 Months) East African Wetland Management Course (6 Weeks) A 3 year B.Sc course and also 15 month Diploma courses in Wildlife Management and Environmental Management. Visit their site


  • Request to pipe organ lovers everywhere - The Delamere Group is promoting a campaign to assist in the renovation and restoration of the old Lord Egerton Castle, Ngata, Nakuru District, Kenya, and the old organ still currently abandoned in the Castle. The old castle in now in the hands of the Kenyan Museum Service who want to turn it into a tourist site, the property of the late Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton having been handed on to the Kenyan Government for use by the Egerton University and for the benefit of tourists from all over of the world. The project to gather funds and undertake the planned restoration of the old organ is being spearheaded by the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust.

    • For some background to this old castle of Lord Egerton and the recent project to renovate and rescue this fine building from further deterioration, visit this site.

    • We also invite you to visit Organs and Organists Online. The purpose of this website is to provide a friendly and useful home on the Web for our members to discuss their interests in the Organ and its music. Whether you are a professional Organist, Church Musician, Organ Builder or Technician, Organ Enthusiast or Student, you will find items of interest.

    • If you could pass on this information to any individual or organization that you feel might be interested in assisting in the collection of funds to assist in the philanthropic campaign to renovate the old pipe organ in the Lord Egerton Castle, in Kenya, we would greatly appreciate this gesture. Please supply our email address, for the attention of the Lord Egerton Organ Fund.






  • The Delamere Group is a sponsor of "Save the Children" fund, plus "Children International". Sponsor a child today you can make a difference! Click here. Both groups are working around the world to create positive, lasting changes in the lives of disadvantaged children and families. Why not support this worthy cause Help change the world: Sponsor a child and 'help to make a difference'.


  • Understand the local language and learn to speak Swahili. Visit our web page on study at home language courses click here
  • Latest book on Aids in Africa - The immediate concern of Francis Imbuga's latest novel, Miracle of Remera, is the HIV/Aids pandemic in Kenya and Africa. Imbuga has, no doubt, found a fresh intriguing approach to this subject hitherto unexplored in literary examination of the pandemic. For this book and other books, click on this link Aids in Africa (If you have difficulty in obtaining a copy please contact us.)





  • "Northrup" ~ by Judy Aldrick - This brilliant book Northrup is the story of a big-hearted American millionaire, William Northrup McMillan, who came to Kenya in 1904 on a shooting expedition. He fell in love with the country and bought a large estate and a mountain. Having explored and hunted in Sudan and Ethiopia, he decided his future lay in Kenya and he would help in "opening up a completely new colony." He poured his large fortune and all his enthusiastic energies into his adopted country, developing his estates, backing new business ventures and providing assistance to the needy. During World War I, he became a British citizen and received a knighthood for his wartime services. Towering over his fellows and weighing in at over 300 pounds, Northrup stood out in a crowd. He was a generous man and his hunting ranch at Juja and his town house at Chiromo were known for lavish hospitality and helped set the fashion for safari tourism. He hosted former US President Theodore Roosevelt in 1909. Northrup later was elected to the Legislative Council. He worked with both Ewart Grogan and Lord Delamere and funded various African training schemes. This book contains completely new research on William Northrup McMillan and his wife Lucie, who have hitherto been shadowy characters in the history of colonial Kenya. Northrup's death in 1925 robbed Kenya of one of its most colourful and influential pioneering settlers. He is buried on Ol Donyo Sabuk, the mountain he loved so much. Northrup by Judy Aldrick




  • For books on Kenya (plus all other countries) that cover the geography, people, culture, government, economy, communications, and transportation, military and transnational issues, Visit this site.




  • Mau Mau's Children (Africa and the Diaspora: History, Politics, Culture)(The Making of Kenya's Postcolonial Elite) This book is a collective biography of the lives of Kenya's first post colonial elite, stretching from their 1940s childhood to the peak of their careers in the 1990s. Through these interviews, "Mau Mau's Children" shows the trauma of growing up during the Mau Mau Rebellion, the nature of nationalism in Kenya, the new generational conflicts arising, and the significance of education and Gikuyu ethnicity on his students' path to success. Mau Mau's Children: The Making of Kenya's Postcolonial Elite (Africa and the Diaspora)



  • The Early History of Kenya - Read the fascinating book by Elsbeth Huxley related to the early settlement of the British in Kenya during the period 1890 - 1968, especially related to the Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumley) family and the 3rd Lord Delamere of Vale Royal, Cheshire, England. Read White Man's Country




  • Book on Kenyan History - This brilliant book Kenya Pioneers by Errol Trzebinski covers the white pioneer phase of Kenya's history and spans the years from 1896, when three couples landed on the coast, to 1920, when the protectorate became a crown colony. Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere, was the best-known settler, but this book shows that liberated gentlewomen and adventurous Jews were among the more interesting figures in Kenyan history. Click for a review of the contents Kenya Pioneers


  • An additional book that provides a background to the colonial history of Kenya is this informative book by George Bennett, Kenya: A Political History, The Colonial Period. This volume is highly recommended by the owners of the Delamere Group.




  • "The Lunatic Express" ~ by Charles Miller  - This is the story of how the six-year, 5 million pounds railway line was built over the desert, across the Great Rift Valley and through 100 miles of quagmire, against the odds of disease, tribal raids, marauding animals and mechanical fiasco, is a fascinating tale of courage from a pioneering age now disappeared. THE LUNATIC EXPRESS - An Entertainment in Imperialism


  • Egerton University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Kenya, and has a long tradition of scholarship and academic excellence. Founded in 1939, the institution traces its roots to the generosity of Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton. Visit this site.


  • "Kenya" ~ by Matthew Firestone – This is another excellent book recommend by our editorial staff.  Well worth reading for students of east Africa and especially the background of Kenya including the ventures of  Hugh Cholmonderley the 3rd Lord Delamere. Kenya (seventh) edition Text Only



  • Education Opportunities in Commonwealth Countries -The British Council connects people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and builds lasting relationships between the UK and other countries. If you wish to study or teach in any of the Commonwealth countries, contact us,


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    Editor's Note: We regret to inform our readers that Simon was gored to death by a water buffalo on 12 December 2004 while out on an evening walk on his farm in Kenya. The staff and management of Delamere Travel send their condolences to Simon's family. Read the obituary of Simon Combes published in the Independent Newspaper, as written by our friend David Shepherd, click here.
    Plus read this tribute by his friends and colleagues, click here.





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