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We have received notice from Geneva that a special meeting is being held by the International Labor Organization (ILO) which may be of interest to some of our clients.

This meeting, which is being held in Geneva, brings together Government representatives from Barbados, Egypt, France, Sri Lanka, and the United States. The main purpose of this urgent meeting will be to discuss ways and means to respond to the crisis now being created for the Hotel and Tourism Sectors of world trade and industry, subsequent to the events of 11 September.

Also highlighted will be the effects upon the social partners, governments and the ILO itself.Our firm is focused on assisting developing countries in creating new jobs in the tourism industry, and of special concern to us, while admitting that developed counties will be severely effected, particularly hard hit will be some developing countries, such as Kenya and South Africa and the whole of the Eastern and Southern African regions.

If you would like to assist in softening the effect of this recent crisis, we would appreciate any suggestions from you our reader that can be passed on to the responsible parties involved. Or to assist in other ways to promote education and employment in the Hotel and Tourism industry, read how you or your business can assist. www.delamere-international.com/aboutus

To read the full report about this special meeting, go to http://ilo.org and select, "Informal Meeting on the Hotel and Tourism Sectors: Social Impact of Events Subsequent to 11 September 2001.




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