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1. Business - Currency: The Almighty Dollar?

2. Have you got what it takes to Run Your Own Business?

3. Latest Immigration News

4. Enter Our Free Photo Competition

5. Book Review of "Living and Working in Australia or New Zealand."

6. A visit to South Africa at a price you can afford?

7. Property: Large Scale Flower Farm for Sale.

8. The Latest in Gold & Precious Metals Markets.

9. Global Trade News. How you can help.


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1. Business - Currency: The Almighty Dollar?
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Why the World's Desire to Possess the U.S. Dollar Bill? Our curiosity was aroused the other day when we learned of the theft of over 5million in U.S.dollar bills from a storage shed at London's Heathrow Airport. The shipment had just been moved from a Middle East country and was on its way to a South American country. "Why not just send a cheque, why the need to actually move Dollar Bills?" one of our staff naively asked.

After checking out some details we found that 70 percent of all U.S. currency is actually circulating in countries other than America, the home of the Almighty Dollar. The world seems hungry for the Dollar Bill.

America has a product the world wants and no one else is allowed make it. If it sounds like the perfect receipt for making money, it is.

In the belly of a block-long federal factory, clattering machines swallowing pungent brews of ink, spit out money. Mountains of it, not only for use at home in the U.S. but increasingly for export to nearly every part of the world.

A recent day's production from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington was 14,096,000 bills. Adding the output from its smaller Texas plant, the government manufactured 23,763,200 bills that day worth $151,584,000.

In the Washington factory, tourists file along narrow hallways behind security glass to look down on the millions churning from the presses. A sign teases: "Have you ever been so close and yet so far away?" The bureau toils around the clock in Washington and Forth Worth to supply the 'greenbacks' the world wants to use.

Russians squirrel away American dollars to protect their savings, in case the Ruble should tumble. U.S. dollars support the reserves of central banks around the world. Dollars change hands in oil transactions involving no Americans at all and help to keep the economies of Mexico and even Cuba afloat.

The stability of the American dollar has persuaded a few countries to give up their own paper money altogether and go to the dollar. Actually foreigners are the big spenders of U.S. money. Americans tend to rely on credit-card plastic or electronic transfers for expensive purchases, so it's the foreigners who consume about three-quarters of the dollar bills in circulation. Of the $500 billion in U.S. currency actually in circulation, approximately 70 percent is outside the United States.

Of the notes made in one single day, 3.5 million were manufactured for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the primary source for money that eventually ends up overseas. Up to 30 different institutions buy, sell and ship currency. It often takes a circuitous route, coming from commercial banks in the United States, then being loaded on commercial flights, passengers unaware they are sometimes traveling with a fortune in dollar bills on board.

The recipients tend to appreciate a shipment that comes wrapped in distinctive blue plastic. That means it's new currency and need not be counted or authorized; re-circulated currency has to be verified.

The growth in U.S currency in circulation over the past decade has been driven mostly by foreign demand, more than half of the U.S. currency exports were to Russia alone. U.S dollars also trade as freely in Argentine as the domestic currency, and Ecuador replaced its own currency with the dollar on 2001.

An interesting anecdote is that when one of our senior partners from the U.S visits Africa, many traders request to be paid in dollar bills, for obvious reasons, and one hotel in Cape Town tried to print their coffee shop price lists that showed the price of a cup of coffee in U.S dollars only. Needless to say the locals soon stopped buying coffee at that short-sighted restaurant, as which local customer could afford a cup of coffee priced at $1,50 when the exchange rate is approximately $1 = Rand 12, making the cup of coffee to the local at R18,00. Other coffee shops using the weak local currency are still charging approximately R5,00 for a cup of coffee. It's a strange world.

(Associated Press supplied the above information)

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2. Have you got what it takes to Run Your Own Business?
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Have you ever wondered if you've got what it takes to open your own business - a franchise? At last there is a cost-effective and easy way of determining this.

The so-called "ee test" is an assessment process which has been widely benchmarked on African franchisees. The results are highly accurate and can substantially reduce the risk you face when deciding whether to take on a franchise opportunity.

It takes a very specific person to open up a franchise and run it successfully. You need to ask yourself a few questions: Read more

In order to obtain more information on businesses for sale and opportunities in the USA you are welcome to apply for a free consultation on the types of businesses for sale, and the pros and cons of this type of business purchase. click here

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3. Latest Immigration News
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Further to our reports in the Special Release Newsletters of 12 April 2002, and 24 April 2002. Go to our Archives Page to read these. click here

We have now received a copy of the latest Bill before Congress, which was passed overwhelmingly by the House of Representatives on Thursday 25 April 2002.

The new Bill is to abolish the Immigration and Naturalization Service and replace it with two agencies to handle enforcement and immigration services separately. The overhaul would scrap the INS and one separate agency will enforce immigration laws, police borders and keep out of the US those lacking the proper permits. The other agency will provide services to legal immigrants and visitors.

Of serious concern to some of our clients who have recently applied for B2 visitors visas from South Africa and are still experiencing serious problems with getting approval. The reason for refusal is always given as, "not submitting sufficient proof or information that the visit to the USA is on a temporary basis and that the applicant will return to their home country immediately after the temporary visit."

As this request by the Consulate is open to interpretation as to what constitute 'sufficient proof that the applicant will return to their home country,' is now creating serious problems for some. Our associate attorneys are currently looking into the situation and also if any hope exists that under a new separate INS Department to be called "Citizenship & Immigration Service" the procedure for the issuing of Visas from countries like South Africa will improve or become even more difficult.

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4.Enter Our Free Photo Competition
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Many of our clients live in interesting places of the world, and have interesting hobbies, and we know that some are amateur photographers.

Why not enter your favorite photo in this free international competition. Not only do you get a chance to win $10,000 but also the chance of your photograph being published. click here


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5. Book Review of "Living and Working in Australia or New Zealand"
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This excellent book gives a detailed survey of the opportunities for employment and living in Australia and New Zealand,

Included in this edition are:

  • Business and Industry Reports ·
  • Regional Employment Guide
  • Directory of Major Employers
  • Section 1 includes: Living in Australia. Residence and entry regulations. Setting up home. Daily Life and retirement
  • Section 2: Working in Australia: Employment and Starting your own business.


The portion of the book related to New Zealand covers the same areas of information.

Overall this is probably the best book on the market for individuals or families thinking about emigrating to Australia or New Zealand. For more information. click here


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6. A visit to South Africa at a price you can afford?
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The Spin Off From A Currency Which is Undervalued.

Over the last six months the number of Britons traveling to South Africa for hospital treatment has risen dramatically.

"The long-distance treatment is attracting those without private health insurance who are not prepared to face the long wait for treatment in Britain on the NHS. In South Africa they are finding they can pay a fraction of the cost for their operations," says BBC correspondent Alistair Leithead.

"The treatment they are seeking ranges from major heart surgery and cancer operations, to cosmetic surgery."

"Around five patients a week are admitted from Britain, many people who don't have health insurance and would rather pay out of their own pockets than wait many months for free NHS treatment," said Alistair Leithead

"They are finding the treatment is cheaper, partly due to the exchange rate," he added.

To read more go to our link.

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7. The Latest in Gold & Precious Metals Markets
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Dubai is launching an initiative to develop its market share in the trading of gold, diamonds and other key commodities.

The expressed intention is to try to lift its gold trading market share from the current locally estimated 10% of total, to 50%. To this end, His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Defense Minister of the U.A.E, announced the establishment of the Dubai Metals and Commodities Center (DMCC).

We shall place this data on our usual website page. click here

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8. Property: Large Scale Flower Farm for Sale in Kenya
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This farm is in a glorious part of this beautiful country and consists of the following.

  • 97 Hectares of prime land
  • 30 Hectares of green houses
  • 23.5 Hectares of roses (28 varieties) and fillers
  • 6.5 Hectares of chrysanthemum cuttings
  • Large capacity water reservoirs
  • Modern water recycling system
  • Established international marketing network
  • Close to Kenya's largest international airport
  • 999 Year lease Experienced and professional management team with 760 Employees already in place.

For further information contact Mrs. S Nzioka

Tel: 000 254 2 711195

Fax: 000 254 2 711184

Quote Registered user [46834] click here

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9. Global Trade News. How you can help
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Millions face starvation in Southern Africa! Johannesburg: Nineteen million people in southern Africa faced starvation unless food aid was delivered to them within the next three months, the UN's World Food Programme (WFP) said yesterday.

To read more




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